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Review | Autumn Wardrobe with Fashion World

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Autumn is here and I have been removing all my Summer clothes from my wardrobe and replacing them with lots of Autumn / Winter clothes. I have a few new additions thanks to Fashion World.
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Review - My Summer Wear From Jacamo


You may have read recently that Michelle was invited to choose and review some new clothes from J.D. Williams. I was lucky enough to also be invited to try some clothes from Jacamo. My clothes tend to be a bit scruffy. I wear typical ‘Dad’ clothes most of the time when I’m not in work. Tracksuits, Everton Shirts, Shorts and Film and TV orientated T-Shirts.  I noticed recently that Big J’s wardrobe is actually a lot smarter than mine, and decided it was time I got myself some smarter clothes to wear.
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Vertbaudet Boys Fleece-Lined Parka Review

I love Winter because you get to wrap up all warm and snug in fleece jumpers and thick coats. Unfortunately my monkeys don't share the same enthusiasm as me for adding layers to keep warm. Both boys actually don't like coats at all, although I do make them wear them when its cold outside they both usually kick up a fuss. After hours of browsing online for a suitable coat for little J I finally chose a Vertbaudet Boys Fleece-Lined Parka.

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Natural History Museum Shop - Personalised T-Shirt

One of the many things I love about being a blogger is finding out about brands, companies or shops that I haven't heard of before. When it comes to buying presents I do like to find unique and special presents and I spend lots of time browsing through google especially around Christmas and birthdays.

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Personalise Your Accessories At JD Sports

When big J was in primary school he never wanted to take a school bag, he didn't feel there was a need for it as he had the schools own book bag. Since he started seniors that changed, in fact his school bag has become a big deal.

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Back to School Nike Trainers From Get The Label

I think its just a 'boy thing' but I am forever buying trainers or tracksuits for big J. Trainers for running, boots for football, trainers for playing out and trainers for best. It goes on and on. With school starting he needs a good pair of trainers to be able to use for multi sports indoor or outdoor. I have used Get The Label before and was very pleased with the price of the items we chose and the service too so I popped online to take a look.

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Preparing For Summer With LamaLoLi

I am a huge fan of character clothing and always have been. I used to love dressing big J in Disney or Star Wars but unfortunately now he is a teenager he isn't so keen to walk around with Mickey Mouse on his chest. Luckily I still have little J and this month he has been wearing lots of new summer clothing from LamaLoLi

Star Wars - The Clone Wars (2 Pack T-shirt)
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Wrapping Up Warm with Vertbaudet

There is something about January, February and March that makes me want to get up early, get dressed and head out for a walk. Most people would rather stay tucked up under their duvet in the winter months praying for Summer to come along but I have always enjoyed wrapping up warm and heading out for a winter walk. I have already planned some walks for us and I can't wait. Vertbaudet have a lovely collection of clothes that would be perfect for winter walk.
I have never shopped at Vertbaudet before although I have seen it advertised online many times but never had a look. I did however have a browsing session recently and the clothes are really nice.

I love the denim shirt under the jumper look in this photo. 

The Army Green Parka is perfect for a winter family day out. Big J used to have a coat this colour when he was younger and it made a change from the usual blue and black.

Again i love the colour of this Parka - Honey. Its so easy to stick to the same colour when buying clothes. I always come home with clothes for little J that I have bought and they are dark. Its nice to add a bit of colour to the wardrobe and I am always surprised how different he looks when he has reds or greens on.  

Little J will be trying out a lovely Parka and Hat and Scarf from this collection on our winter walks so keep an eye out for that coming soon but for now if you want to browse you can visit the website here - Vertbaudet
Do you enjoy heading out in the winter months for a winter walk? or do you prefer to hide under the duvet?
Image 1 - Scarf & Hat Set, olive-blue sky, £13; Denim Shirt, untreated, from £19; Sweater, off-white, from £17; Combat Trousers, charcoal, from £16 
Image 2 - Parka, army green, from £44; Hooded Cardigan, pebble grey, from £19, Jeans, stonewashed, from £16 
Image 3 - Chapka, charcoal, £11; Hoody, pebble grey, from £19; Combat Trousers, black, from £14; Parka, honey, from £44; Sweater, black, from £19
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Wool Overs Celebrates 25 Years

I have said it before but Autumn / Winter is my most favourite time of year. I love shopping for new clothes when the cold weather starts to creep in because it means I can buy nice warm jumpers, cardigans and jumper dresses to keep me warm and cosy. I love wrapping up warm on a cold wintery day. I recently found Woolovers website and I was so impressed with their choice of knitwear. 
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Daddy Gets Work Shoes From Jacamo

When we were asked to review an item of footwear from Jacamo I have to admit that firstly I didn't think they sold shoes and secondly I always had this idea that Jacamo was a shop only for the 'larger' man. I was wrong on both.
Actually I was very impressed when browsing the Jacamo website. There is a whole range of brands to choose from including Lambretta, French Connection and Timberland. 
They offer sizes from S to 5XL and footwear right up to size 15.
Daddy got the chance to browse and choose a pair of shoes from the Jacamo, Black Label or Label J range.
When it comes to shoes for Daddy he usually chooses a similar type every time and he was pleased to find a pair that he likes.

Jacamo lace up shoes
Formal lace up shoe featuring panel detailing, smart, sophisticated and stylish.
Come in both a standard or extra wide fitting.
Available up to a size 15
Choice of colours - black or brown
At the bottom of the page their was a review section were customers have wrote about their experiences with this shoe and to be honest there were a lot of negative comments. Most people seem to experience the heel or both heels falling off in just a couple of wears or said they look cheap. This didn't stop Daddy giving them a go as for £25 they seemed great value.
When they arrived we were happy with them. They didn't look cheap. Daddy tried them on and they are a lovely fit and Daddy actually said they feel like wearing slippers.
Daddy has been wearing these to work and after a week of wear there is no signs of the heel wearing away and it does not look like it will fall off either. I guess only time will tell but for now Daddy is very pleased.
You can find out more about Jacamo by visiting the website HERE

*we were sent the shoes in return for a honest review*
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Back To School Shoes from Wynsors

I still can't believe the Summer holidays are over and its back to school already. It only seems like yesterday that they finished. We have to buy Big J's uniform from the school uniform shop but we can buy any school shoes. We usually tend to buy Big J's school shoes from the same shoe shop every year although this year we were sent a pair for big J to try.
We were sent a pair of Kickers for big J from Wynsors.
Wynsors is a shop that is local to us but we had never really shopped there although I know people who have. At the moment there are huge signs outside promoting that they are the biggest stockist of Kickers in the area.
Big J has quite a wide foot so because he hadn't tried them on before they arrived I was unsure whether they would fit. He has struggled with shoes in the past and that is probably why we shop at the same shoe store each year. Also he varies in size. Some shoes or trainers he is a size 5, others 5 and a half and others a 6.
When they arrived they were really nice and looked very smart. We had decided on Velcro fastening because big J finds that easier if he wants to make them a little tighter.
Big J's school requires that all school shoes are ones that are able to be shined and I know from when Daddy has had these that they shine really well.
The soles are lovely and chunky with good grips. I don't like shoes with thin soles because they wear down to easily and you end up having to replace them in no time.

When it came to trying them on big J didn't seem happy. They felt a little too big. We had ordered a 6 but as we already know different brands sizes can vary a lot. The width seemed fine which was good but they were slipping up as he walked.

We took them along to Wynsors to see if they could maybe swap them for a smaller size. I have to say the staff were so pleasant, friendly and very keen to help find the right size for big J.

They brought out a size 5 and also insoles to try with the size 6. They also brought out other Kickers shoes that are not as wide at the front as others. They really did go out of their way to try and help us and I would give them a 10/10 for customer service.

We managed to sort out the right size thanks to the member of staff and big J was very happy with his shoes and the fit.

All ready to start a new school year.

I'm hoping the kickers will wear well especially during the winter months. Will post an update soon

You can view the Kickers range by visiting Wynsors online HERE

*we received the shoes above in return for a return, all thoughts above are our own*
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