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How To Deal With Bullying

Being a parent (especially to a teenager) the words 'bully' and 'bullied' frighten the life out of me. I'd like to think that we have brought big J up well and I know him enough to know he would never be capable of being a bully. However no matter how well you have brought your child up there is always the chance they could be bullied.
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The Puberty Talk

I may have already mentioned it a few hundred times already but I still can't believe I have a teenager. Its crazy as I still think I am a teenager at times and especially with my obsession with Disney I'm like a big kid. I know we will have to tweak our parenting skills a little over the next few years because being a teenager is hard work and I know big J will say and do things he won't mean. We will have to remember that his body is going through massive changes and this will effect him emotional, mentally and physically.

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