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Adding Christmas To Our Living Room With Poster Store

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Disclosure  - We were given a voucher to spend on Poster Store for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Throughout the year we change our colour scheme to match the seasons. It's a lovely way to keep the house looking fresh and it really does make you embrace the season more. As Christmas will soon be here I have started packing away my Autumnal colours of orange and brown. I have been introducing some red which is the perfect colour for Christmas time. One thing I have struggled with in the past is finding prints for the living room. One of our walls has two frames and above the fireplace has one. All we do throughout the year is change the poster inside to match the season. I was on the lookout for posters that are perfect for Christmas and match the tone of the rest of my decorations. As the boys are getting older I have toned down our decorations however I still want there to be references to Santa within our decor. Whilst browsing Poster Store I found some posters that were a perfect match and when they arrived they were even better than I imagined. 

christmas poster above a fireplace
Snowy Town Poster
Illustration of a town with blue, green and red houses surrounded by snow on a winter night. The print has a white margin that gives the motif more depth.

christmas poster

Santa's Sleigh Poster 
Illustration of Santa's sleigh with his reindeers flying away to the sky in the moonlight. It is a snowy full moon night and you can see two other reindeers in the snow. The print has a white margin that gives the motif more depth.

christmas poster

Holiday Ornament Poster
Cosy illustration of a Christmas ornament, a glass ball and inside you can find a house in green with a red door. The house is surrounded by snow and trees. The print has a white margin that gives the motif more depth.

christmas posters on wall

Each poster can be shipped to you in a variety of sizes including

21x30cm (A4)

Prices vary depending on size and you can choose to receive your poster with or without a frame (at an additional cost). There are a variety of of frames to suit your interior design and colour scheme.

More above Poster Store
At Poster Store you will find Scandinavian designed posters and frames and all posters are printed on sustainably produced high-quality paper.

They have a large poster selection of different themes & categories for all tastes and release a new poster collection every Tuesday. I found the search function very easy and was able to find Christmas themed posters within seconds of searching. 

You will also find lots of inspiration when browsing as the images on the website will help you create your own gallery wall tailor-made for your home. 

If you would like to update your poster collection you can receive 35% off your order. All you need to do is type in the code PLAYDAYS at checkout. You will receive a discount of 35% on posters (except Selection Posters). The offer is not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid from 9th to 13th November.

We are really pleased with our choices and they've made a great addition to our Christmas decor. 

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Bacofoil Voucher Giveaway

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As Spring begins I am ready to dust off the cobwebs and get out and about with the boys. I love it when the weather starts brightening up and the nights get lighter. We like to go for walks and days out and it means we can start taking out picnics again. I love making picnics and I think it just makes the day a lot more fun. Little J loves finding a place to eat and is always excited opening his picnic box.

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September Monthly Review Round Up

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September has been a busy month here. The Summer has officially gone and it was back to school and work. It's always a busy month for us and it flies by so quickly. We did manage to try a few great products so here is our September Monthly Review Round Up

Birds Eye
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5 Reasons To Get A Dehumidifier For Your Home

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Daddy and I have been thinking about giving our home a makeover. It's in desperate need of a  Spring  Autumn clean. There are a few items we want to get too including a fan. Our home gets so warm during the evenings and I suspect we may have an Indian Summer so I am expecting it to be warm in September. Also we want a Dehumidifier. I actually didn't even know these excited until recently but after reading the benefits we want one. They are a cheap but excellent addition to your home. They come in different sizes and can stop many problems.

Here are five reasons to get a dehumidifier for your home.

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Our Bedroom Makeover With The Yorkshire Linen Company

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There is one thing about me that you possibly don't know yet but I love sleep. I have always loved sleep and if I don't get enough I get very grumpy. When I was younger I loved my bedroom it was the one place in our house that was mine. Okay my Mum and Dad technically owned it really as it was their house but it was decorated the way I wanted it and my bed was always so comfy. Now I share the bedroom with Daddy and it isn't as cosy as I suppose it could be. Our room can become messy quite quickly especially with little J wandering in early in the morning carrying various toys and teddies. Also our duvets are in desperate need of a change and so are our covers. Sometimes I find it very hard to drift off to sleep and I'm wondering if my surroundings have anything to do with it.

Our current bedding set is very dark and although its New York (which we love) the colours don't really reflect our personalities. We need something a bit more bold and bright. The Disney cushion is years old as you can probably see. Daddy uses this if he is reading or playing on his phone or computer.
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DreamWorks - Home

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Last weekend we were lucky to receive preview tickets to see the new Dreamworks movie HOME. I hadn't heard of it until I received the tickets and googled. Big J had already viewed a trailer of the movie and it was on his 'to see' list. 
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