Friday, 11 December 2015

Mummy 2 Monkeys Advent Giveaway Day 11

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I am so excited to be hosting an Advent Calendar style giveaway this year. When I used to enter competitions I loved advent giveaways. The idea of an advent competition is every day a new door on the virtual advent calendar would open and you had the chance to win the prize behind that door. I am so lucky to have worked with some amazing brands and companies this year on my blog. I am so grateful to those who have offered me 24 prizes so that I can host my very own Advent Calendar giveaway. Its very simple each day from midnight - 11:59pm a door on my virtual calendar will open. The prize will be revealed and you can enter  to win that prize using the giveaway app below. Once the door closes at 11:59pm the giveaway is over and the winner will be chosen and announced.

Day 11

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Mummy 2 Monkeys Advent Giveaway Day 10

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I am so excited to be hosting an Advent Calendar style giveaway this year. When I used to enter competitions I loved advent giveaways. The idea of an advent competition is every day a new door on the virtual advent calendar would open and you had the chance to win the prize behind that door. I am so lucky to have worked with some amazing brands and companies this year on my blog. I am so grateful to those who have offered me 24 prizes so that I can host my very own Advent Calendar giveaway. Its very simple each day from midnight - 11:59pm a door on my virtual calendar will open. The prize will be revealed and you can enter  to win that prize using the giveaway app below. Once the door closes at 11:59pm the giveaway is over and the winner will be chosen and announced.

Day 10

Friday, 4 December 2015

Mummy 2 Monkeys Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 4

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I am so excited to be hosting an Advent Calendar style giveaway this year. When I used to enter competitions I loved advent giveaways. The idea of an advent competition is every day a new door on the virtual advent calendar would open and you had the chance to win the prize behind that door. I am so lucky to have worked with some amazing brands and companies this year on my blog. I am so grateful to those who have offered me 24 prizes so that I can host my very own Advent Calendar giveaway. Its very simple each day from midnight - 11:59pm a door on my virtual calendar will open. The prize will be revealed and you can enter  to win that prize using the giveaway app below. Once the door closes at 11:59pm the giveaway is over and the winner will be chosen and announced.

What prize is lurking behind door number 4?

Day 4

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pampers Wonder Week

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The 1st October 2015 at 10am marks the launch of Pampers Wonder Week and I am really excited. You all know I like looking for deals and bargains and I am always happy to 'stock up' if the price is right. So when I heard about Pampers Wonder Week I was keen to find out more. Pampers are offering amazing savings for a whole seven days, with wonderful deals that shouldn't be missed.

Pampers Jumbo Pack
 I buy jumbo packs which can help save some pennies


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What's In Our Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag

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I know once our babies reach the toddler stage some Mummy's change their changing bag to maybe a character rucksack or something smaller. I prefer to still have a changing bag because I still need enough space to fit all his essentials. This week we have been trying out Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag and we love it. Firstly its not too big because some changing bags are so huge that they become impractical for a Mum on the go, but you can fit so much inside.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Baby Tips - Sleep

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Last month I became an Aunty for the very first time, its so exciting. Baby A is absolutely gorgeous and I knew as soon as I saw my little nephew I would become all broody and want another baby. I love babies and I would have lots if I could but for now I am going to concentrate on being the best Aunty ever.
When you hold a new baby you can never remember your own being 'that small'. Little J looked huge compared to Baby A and it made me smile because it really wasn't that long ago that he was just a baby.
I started thinking back to the first few days we brought little J home. He was such a good baby and was never any trouble at all really. He was such a routined baby right from the start, he loved his sleep. Thinking back I know that made the first few months so much easier than we could ever of hoped for. 
 When we had big J almost 13 years ago now we didn't really have a clue what we were doing. He had no routine really and because we were working, trying to save for a house we used to try and squeeze in as much time as possible so we didn't miss out seeing him. 
Looking back now it was a tough time with very little sleep but we did okay and he did grow out of it eventually. 
I think being a parent for the second time you do learn from your mistakes and we made sure with little J that we were well prepared.
Here are a few things we used. Although he was a perfect little sleeper I'm sure these helped get him in to a routine and have full nights sleep .


Saturday, 28 February 2015

Our February Monthly Review Round Up

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I know February is only a short month but I just feel like its flew by so quickly. It doesn't seem like a month ago since I was writing my January Review Round Up. This month we have been trying out some products that I hope you will like as much as we do.
Top of our review roundup this month is something we were all very excited about. We had the chance to have a listen to Justin Fletcher - Just Party before it is released. We are huge fans of Justin and have been since big J was little. I can't believe just how great he is with the kids and he has so many shows on cbeebies - little J loves him.
So last week we popped Justins album on in the car and all four of us couldn't help but sing along. The first track Just Party is a new track and it is really fun and little J loves it. He spins around the room dancing to it. Its a real get up and dance party track.
I wasn't too sure whether Justin would be any good singing Let It Go but he does a pretty good job. 
The highlight was The Macarena were Justin has changed the words to sing about getting ready for a party. Its catchy and its lots of fun. 
Overall the album is really good. There are 19 tracks in total and we didn't skip one. Its had us all singing along and little J has been dancing all week.
The album is definitely one for Justin fans, the kids will love it.
Just Party is available to buy from March 2nd or you can preorder now HERE
I'm not a big fan of giving little J a bath, I do it if I absolutely have to otherwise its Daddy's job. I panic if little J starts to stand up incase he slips and although he's having fun splashing around and pretending to swim I am having a panic attack incase he goes under the water for too long. Also I have the worst judgement on how hot/cold the bath should be. I am more than happy sitting in a cool bath myself but sometimes I make it just that little bit too cold for little J. 
This month we have being trying out the very cute Brother Max Ray Bath and Room Thermometer. It does exactly what it says in the title. Ray displays the temperature of both the bath or room on its LCD screen display. 
The ideal temperature for a bath is 37 degrees and if Ray reaches a temperature of 39 degrees the display blinks HOT
As a room thermometer the ideal temp is 19 degrees. Ray displays both ideal temperatures on his display for your information.
Little J loves Ray in the water and will swish him about so he doubles a bath toy too, well he does for us anyway.
For more information on Ray and the other products available from Brother Max you can click here to visit their website.
I have teamed up with Brother Max to offer my readers the chance to win a Ray Bath and Room Digital Thermometer so make sure you check out my competitions page HERE.
We were sent a My Buddy Box to try out this month and I can honestly say I love it. More and more shops are now charging for carrier bags and whilst I don't mind paying the odd few pence for a bag, it just annoys me that I always forget to bring one of the hundreds I have at home. I do try and recycle the carrier bags and use them again but I am rubbish at remembering to keep a few in the car.
On a recent shopping trip I brought the My Buddy Box and popped it in the car. It folds up to the size of a folder or small laptop case but when you open it, its a huge big box. Perfect for popping in your shopping.
It can be used for loads of things really but for me its going to stay in the car and stop me from bringing home more carrier bags that I don't need.
To find out more about My Buddy Box you can visit the website here.
With Mother's Day approaching I thought I would include this beautiful heart shaped photo frame as a gift idea. 
The frame can hold 7 photographs, 3 hold size 3x3ins photographs and 4 hold 3x2.5ins photographs.
The heart design just makes it extra special and it would be perfect to fill the frame with special memories, maybe photos of the children or grandchildren.
This would make a perfect present for any Mummy out there. 
*we were sent the above items to try, all thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own*

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Justafit - The Perfect Sleepsuit For Little J

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When big J was little we had a terrible time getting clothes to fit him. It was fine if we bought separates but buying a tracksuit or pyjamas was a nightmare. He was always a larger size on top than he was on the bottoms. He had a longer top half and shorter legs. It really was hard because pyjamas in particular use to be so long we would end up having to roll them up around the waist and turn then up at the bottom too. Little J definitely takes after his big brother and its already becoming a problem when buying pyjamas. We recently have been trying out Justafit sleepsuit by Infasense and its perfect for our little monkey.
We have been trying out age 2-3 now little J is only 22 months but its a perfect fit up top. It buttons up the front and while he is sat playing it isn't popping open or gaping. Now the legs are a little long, as I said earlier he is only short from waist to toe. 
The Justafit sleep suit is perfect for little ones like my little J because no matter how long the legs are you can easily adjust the length by using the velcro straps. 
The velcro which is around the ankle is fastened to keep the sleepsuit legs in place. This reduces the risk of little J tripping over and it also shows me that there is still plenty of room for him to grow into it so he should get plenty of wear. 
There is also velcro around the wrist too which is perfect for little ones who find the sleeves of their clothes get in the way while playing and eating.
I love little J in sleepsuit's and he always looks very comfortable whilst sleeping, playing and walking around. 
The Justafit sleep suit comes in five colours and the sizes range from 6 months - 3 years. You can buy online by clicking HERE 

*we were sent a justafit sleep suit in return for a honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photos above are our own*

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Getting Cosy With Gro

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I'm not quite sure why we never used a sleeping bag with big J when he was little. It is almost 13 years ago now so I don't know whether they were not available to buy or maybe we just missed them amongst the madness and craziness that comes with having your first baby. Little J however was a different story we knew about sleeping bags before he was born as a friend had recommended we get one. He has slept in one ever since he was born and not only does he enjoy snuggling into it each night, its part of his routine. Little J has been getting cosy in a travel Grobag over Winter and its been perfect for late evenings out over the Christmas.

 Its very unusual for us to be out and about around bedtime as little J loves his routine but over the Christmas the routine went out the window and there was a lot of late night shopping and evenings out. Little J loves his sleep and would drift off in the car on the way home. The travel version of the Grobag was prefect for such occasions because of the travel opening at the back allowing a 5 point harness to fit through. We were able to pop him into his sleeping bag before our journey, fasten him securely in his car seat. It was just as easy to then remove him from the car seat then into his cot if he was asleep. 

We were sent an 18-36 months sleeping bag and I was really happy with the room little J has to spread his legs and move around. He is quite tall for a 21 month old but there is plenty of room for him to grow.

Even when not using it as a travel Grobag it is just the same as a normal Grobag which can be used in the cot as the travel opening just closes with velcro.

The Up and Away Travel Grobag is available in 2.5, 1.0 and 0.5 tog and in sizes 0-6, 6-18 and 18-36 months.

100% woven cotton with a two way zip at the front.

Easy access travel opening.

Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat.

There are lots of designs to choose from  and you can view them over on Grobag website.

*we were sent a Travel Grobag in return for a full honest review - all thoughts, opinions and photos above are our own*

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

No More Stinky Smells

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When little J was born I was actually overwhelmed with what you can buy for babies these days. It was so long since we had big J that I actually forgot how much stuff a little one needs. On top of all the 'must haves' we did get a little carried away with buying stuff we didn't actually need. 
Not once did it cross my mind to buy a nappy bin. I'm not sure why but I didn't actually think we would need one. Since having one for just a week I realised that a) We did need one and b) We should have got one from day one.
We were given the chance to review the Tomee Tippee Nappy Disposal System and like I said I had never thought we needed one so I wanted to give it a go.
The nappy bin comes in two new colours, pink and blue and are exclusive to Mothercare. I chose blue for my monkey.
When it arrived it was smaller than I imagined and was a nice soft baby blue. It was already set up and ready to use in the box but I'm not sure whether all bins come like that. If not there was a step by step guide on how to get it ready and it does seem quite easy to fit the nappy bag refill. I will need to refer back to it when its time to refill the nappy sacks.
So its not rocket science really what the nappy disposal system does, basically your little one does a stinky and you pop it in the bin. It is however quite clever so let me explain.
You pop the nappy in the bin which is lined with a nappy sack.
Once the nappy is in the bin you need to twist the outside wheel which is grey with a little handle to grasp.

As you twist in a clockwise direction you will see the nappy sack start to close with the nappy inside.

Once you have have turned the wheel clockwise in a 360 degree turn the sack should be completely closed.

Then all you need to do is close the lid. This then pushes the nappy and sack down in the bin.

When you open the lid again a new fresh nappy sack is waiting for the next nappy.

I thought the nappy would just fall to the bottom of the bin but it doesn't it hangs onto the fresh nappy sack and so on. It reminds me of a string of sausages. 

The nappy bin came with a free refill which is just a cartridge which like I said earlier seems easy to fit.

So that's it. Very simple but very useful and easy to use. 

There is a  list of key features on the website HERE but a few points to mention are

The system holds 28 nappies at any one time (based on size 1). I can't imagine letting it fill up with that many nappies though.

The system comes with a nappy cassette pre loaded.

The Blue and Pink version are exclusive to Mothercare at the moment and are currently priced at £15.50 although it does say original RRP is £31 so if you are wanting to buy one I would suggest sooner rather than later as the price may go back up. This does include two refills.

For more information you can visit Tommee Tippee HERE

I am really pleased with the nappy disposal system. It has saved me going back and forth to the bin and there has been no nasty smells lingering since we have been using it so I would definitely give it a Mummy2Monkeys thumbs up.

*we were sent the nappy disposal system to review in return for a honest review. all the thoughts and opinions above are my own*

Monday, 29 September 2014

Little J is Teething AND He's Got A Cold

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Poor little J is getting another tooth and he is has also been suffering recently with a cold and an nasty cough.
I can feel the tooth at the back on the top left. Its almost through now so hopefully we will be coming to the end of flushed cheeks and drooling. 
We've been doing everything to make him more comfortable which is hard when he is covered in drool and his nose and eyes are running. He hasn't been himself at all and has had the odd few moments were he has just cried for no reason. poor thing.
Firstly I have been giving him Nurofen. I've not used it before as we always use Calpol but this said for fever and pains so we give it a go. I bought these first and didn't realise they are satchets but I've since bought the medicine.
We normally use Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders but they are so hard to get hold of that we had to get Nelson Teething granules instead. They seem to be doing the trick. They are suitable from any age and you just sprinkle the powder into the mouth.
Also we have all been applying Nasal Guard Cold & Flu Block. It's a gel that you apply around your nose. It's designed to trap, hold and immobilise airborne viruses. It's safe for children, pregnant ladies or nursing women. You are supposed to start using it before the flu season but as I work in a nursery I thought it would be good to use ASAP.
To help keep him dry we have gone for some old favourites.
Dribble stop top. If you are a regular reader you know I love these.
We reviewed them way back in March (read our review HERE
Little J is in the largest size available and they are now looking a little snug. I will be gutted when he grows out of these which probably won't be long.
He has been wearing a cool fashion accessory that doubles as a drool bib.
Skibz bib are just so cute. I reviewed some way back in April and he still wears them all now. They wash well and look fantastic.
As well as all this to help him feel better he has been getting plenty of love and hugs from us all. Hopefully his cold will pass very soon and the tooth will stop giving him pains. 
Teething really is an awful time for a child so it's great to have many products out there at the moment to help our little ones feel more comfortable.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mummy 2 Monkeys takes the Pampers #BritainsDriestNappy test

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Its been over 12 years since we bought our very first pack of nappies for big J. We honestly had no idea what brand to choose but based on popularity and a brand we recognised we chose Pampers. We continued to use Pampers right the way through until big J was potty trained. For us Pampers was the best brand ever as big J never got a sore bottom or nappy rash.
When little J came along 11 years later it was obvious we would choose Pampers and again we will continue to use them throughout. We have never had any problems with Pampers at all and *touch wood* little J has never had a sore bottom.
There are a few varieties of Pampers available but we have always chose Simply Dry or Baby Dry. They just sound like the best option because you want your baby to be dry and comfortable.
I recently found out that actually Pampers Active Fit is the UK's driest nappy and I have been asked to take the #BritainsDriestNappy challenge.
Anyone can take part all you will need is the following.
1 Active Fit nappy
150 ml of tap water inside a baby bottle or cup
A piece of tissue paper or kitchen roll
1 stop watch
1 pair of scissors
I also had my scientist assistant, big J to help out.
Firstly big J opened the nappy as if he was putting it on little J. Almost like a bowl shape. Big J has only changed little J's nappy a few times so I was surprised he knew what to do ;)
He poured the water onto the nappy. 150ml is a on average 2-3 wee's which is normally the amount a baby wee's before you think about changing a nappy.
Once the water had gone on to the nappy he set the timer for 1 minute and 30 seconds. We watched the nappy as it absorbed all the water although 150mls didn't seem a lot, the nappy did become quite full.
It seemed like forever until 1 minute and 30 seconds was over. How strange when you are watching time it goes very slow. 
Big J put kitchen roll on to the nappy and applied pressure as if little J was sat on it.
He lifted it off and we checked the kitchen roll for wet patches but it was dry and we also felt the nappy and it was completely dry. 
So the next part was to see how it works. This is were the scissors come in. Now I wouldn't fancy doing this next part with a nappy full of wee so if you are going to do this test make sure you use water.
Big J cut the nappy open across the middle.
Inside are absorbent micro pearls that absorbed the water to form a gel which then locks the water away protecting for up to 12 hours. These little pearls can hold up to 30 times their own weight so up to 3 small bottles of milk.
Am I convinced?
Like I said before we have always used Pampers so I know first hand how good the brand is. I love the fact that this test proves that my little J's bottom isn't damp at any time in between changes. 
I have never bought Active Fit so that's something for us to consider on our next nappy shop, but as long as little J is in nappies Pampers will always be our brand.
This post is an entry for #BritainsDriestNappy trial sponsored by Pampers. Learn more at
I was asked to take part in the #BritainsDriestNappy challenge thanks to britmums and provide an honest review*

Friday, 5 September 2014

Baby Reflux

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When little J moved on to bottles, he was diagnosed with reflux. Little J would bring his bottle back up instantly after drinking it. It was horrible but after a visit to the doctor he told us he needed infant gaviscon. It was provided by the doctors on prescription and it was little sachets of powder that you added to the bottle. This really helped little J and if we ever forgot to add them he would throw up so we knew these little green sachets were doing there job.
I am a lover of googling and reading forums and one night I came across a mummy who had the same problem with her daughter. She had been diagnosed with reflux and was on gaviscon. Someone had replied to her post saying she should try Dr Browns bottles too.
I had never heard of Dr Browns before, we had bought Tommee Tippee bottles mainly because this is what we used with big J.
So after more googling, reading online forums and visiting Dr Browns website we decided to try them
The Dr Browns website had this banner statement on the bottles home page.
A complete feeding system for happier babies. Created by a physician, Dr Brown's Natural Flow® is the only baby bottle with a patented internal vent system that actually helps promote good health in babies. By eliminating the vacuum and air bubbles, it helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, burping and gas. And the positive pressure created by our system is as close to breastfeeding as your baby can get. Quite simply, it looks and works unlike any other bottle.
Sounded great but it was where to buy them as I had never seen them before but I was pleased our local Tesco had them including different flow teats.
The bottle isn't your usually bottle and it did take a little while to get used to putting the bits inside.
Basically you have the bottle then you have a long blue tube which connects to a round plastic top. They are called the reservoir and vent. I read lots of comments saying these internal parts are tricky to clean but I found the cleaning okay. When using powdered milk you have to make sure you give them proper clean because clumps can stick to the top.
Then once you have inserted that you just have the teat and lid like normal.
 We noticed the difference in the little J instantly when using the Dr Browns. In between feeding he was burping easily and not spitting up as much. He seemed more content and happy.
Since then I have seen lots of babies while out and about using Dr Browns so I know how popular they are.
We continued to used Dr Browns and I wouldn't have gone to any other brand.
To view more from the Dr Browns range visit the website HERE
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