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Walt Disney World | Hints and Tips To Help Make The Most Of Your Visit

24 May 2019

We have been going to Walt Disney Theme Parks for over a decade now and over the years you do pick up some hints and tips that can make your stay more enjoyable. If you are planning a visit to Walt Disney World soon then hopefully some of these may come in handy.
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Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom - Ride Guide and Spoilers

9 May 2019

Magic Kingdom is my favourite place to visit when we are staying at Walt Disney World. There is so much to see and do. On our recent trip we found little J went on almost everything which I hadn't expected as I thought he still may be too small for some of the rides but he wasn't, he was tall (and brave) enough. I thought I would share a ride and spoiler guide to the attractions at Magic kingdom so you will know what to expect on your next visit.

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Walt Disney World | Quick Service Dining

3 May 2019

Choosing whether a meal plan was good value for us the first time we went to Walt Disney World was a tough choice. We had no idea what to expect even after googling for hours. Now that we’ve been twice and know more about what’s available, the quick service dining plan is definitely for us.
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AD | Visiting Disneyland Paris When Pregnant

25 February 2019

Disclosure - This is a paid post in collaboration with The Iconic. 

Disneyland Paris is one of our favourite places ever. It's so magical and no matter how many times we have been, we never get bored of it. We have been during different seasons, as a couple, as a family of 3, while I have been pregnant and as a family of four. We have picked up so many tips over the years on how to get the most of your holiday but I wanted to share my thoughts on visiting Disneyland Paris when pregnant.
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Disney | Disney Store Wisdom Collection - Mulan

18 February 2019

Last month I started to collect the new Wisdom range from The Disney Store. On the 18th of every month Disney Store will release a new addition to the collection. Last month was from the movie Dumbo and this month it is Mulan.  The collection is limited release and each collection features a soft toy, a mug, a journal, a t-shirt and a pin set. I will be collecting all 12 soft toys over the year, however I'm not sure what other parts of the collection I will buy it will just depend on whether I like them or not.
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Disney | Snow White Disneybound

4 February 2019

Disclosure - This is a paid post in collaboration with Simply Be

I have started writing down some Disneybound ideas for our visit to Walt Disney World this year and first on my list is Snow White. For those that don't know what Disneybounding is, let me explain. As an adult you are not allowed to wear any Disney costumes whilst visiting the parks so the  idea behind Disneybounding is you choose 'normal' clothes that are the same colours as your favourite characters. You are then able to dress up as a character of your choice without wearing a costume.

When you think of Snow White what colours do you see? Most say red and yellow when actually Snow wears a blue top and yellow skirt. The colour red is only on the bow/headband and the belt around her waist.

Here are a few ideas for the perfect Snow White Disneybound.

The red headband with bow is the perfect start to a Snow White Disneybound. I think above everything else she wears this is what everyone remembers. 
Finding the perfect colour blue was hard but I love this from Simply Be. The Colbalt Blue Top has strap detail at the front, is the perfect colour and I love the length. It will allow you to tuck in to the skirt and add a nice red belt too.
The Junarose Pleated Velvet Skirt is the perfect choice for a Snow White Disneybound. I absolutely love the detail on this skirt. It's elasticated waist too so will sit nicely on your hips. It's mid length so would be ideal for all visits to Disney whatever the season. 
Finishing off with a pair of red flats. When visiting Disney its important to wear comfortable shoes and in my opinion flats are a must. I love how these also have a red bow on the front too. 

To finish I would probably add a red belt. If you are heading to Disney in the Winter Season you could always add white gloves too.

Have you ever visited Disney and created a Disneybound outfit? I am really looking forward to sharing some more of my Disneybound ideas with you soon.


This post is in collaboration with Simply Be and it also contains affiliate links.
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Disney | Disney Store Wisdom Collection - Dumbo

23 January 2019

On the 18th January 2019 Disney Store released the first collection of a series of 12 from their new Wisdom range. The collection is limited release and each collection features a soft toy, a mug, a journal, a t-shirt and a pin set. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to collect this series but after seeing Dumbo I fell in love and so it looks like I will be collecting all 12 over the year.

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Our Sunday Photo | I Got Him

20 January 2019

A fuzzy selfie but a happy one. Yesterday I got the first plush from the new Wisdom limited series and it was Dumbo. He is the cutest thing ever. I will show you him properly later this week and tell you all about the Wisdom range and how you can collect the whole series.
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Disney | The Countdown To Our Trip To Walt Disney World Has Begun

15 January 2019

I am so excited to tell you that this year we are heading to Walt Disney World again in Orlando. This will be our second visit and we all cannot wait. The last time we went was 2017 and as I didn't blog about our trip back then but I will make sure that over the next few months I will share lots of hints, tips and guides to visiting.
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Disney | How Many Disney Movies Have You Seen?

10 January 2019

I often get updates from The Disney Store about new products that they have arriving in store soon. I love browsing the new arrivals and often find myself spotting a 'must have' item that I have to buy there and then. Although I don't want to buy this particular item I spotted the other night it did catch my eye and encouraged me to write this post. Disney have released a huge collection of their movies on dvd and blu ray containing 55 movies. Now this boxset is their classics and doesn't include Pixar or films such as Mary Poppins but it got me thinking out of the 55 movies how many had I seen.
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Disney | My Mary Poppins Wish List

17 December 2018

I cannot wait to see Mary Poppins Returns when it is released in the UK on the 21st December. Growing up Mary Poppins was my favourite film. I would watch it every day after school and at weekends. I would pretend I was Mary singing and dancing in our front room. My nickname at work used to be Mary because people would say I was Practically Perfect In Every Way. I loved that and that phrase is probably my favourite out of all the Disney movies. I have made a Mary Poppins wish list and if you are a Mary fan like me then you will love my choices. 
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Review | Disney On Ice Dream Big

29 October 2018

Last week we headed to Manchester to the Manchester Arena to see Disney On Ice Dream Big. We have seen Disney On Ice many times over the years but each show is completely different and we couldn't wait to see what magic was in store for us this time.
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Our Sunday Photo | Flynn and Rapunzel

21 October 2018


Last weekend we were lucky enough to have rink side seats to Disney On Ice, Dream Big. All I can say is 'wow'. It was an amazing show. I thought I would pop this on as a little teaser before our full review is posted this week.
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About Me | Who Am I?

1 October 2018

I've decided to join in with this years Blogtober. It's a chance for bloggers to write posts based around a different theme each day. Today's theme is All About Me. I'm looking forward to posting each day plus it has given me a much needed kick up the bum as I haven't been around much lately and I honestly have no excuses for that. So here it goes... All About Me.
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