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WOW Toys - Tow Truck Tim

I am genuinely proud and honoured to be a WOW Toys Blogger Buddy and not because we get to try out cool toys but because its a brand that I really believe in. We have a few WOW toys now and little J loves playing with them. He is at the stage now were he is using his imagination to create little role play scenarios with his toys. His favourite is still cars and figures. It's very rare to see him without a car or a little man in his hand. He just loves toys and I could watch him play all day. When we received Tow Truck Tim to review he was so excited. He wanted it out the box and in his hands faster than I could get it there. He eagerly stood waiting for me to pop it out the box.

Tow Truck Tim is a motorised tow truck who comes to the aid of Rolling Ray. Ray is car that has broken down and needs help.
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