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Learn With Thomas Range

Disclosure - We were gifted the below items for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. This post contains affiliate links - purchasing an item through an affiliate link adds no extra cost to you but might earn me a few pennies. 

Thomas and Friends Electronic Toys
Around this time of year I am always on the lookout for toy ideas for Christmas. Not just for little J but for my family and friends little ones. Since becoming an Early Years Practitioner I always seem to steer towards toys that have educational features but obviously keeping it fun for the little ones too. I really love the Learn with Thomas range from Trends, not only is it educational with lots of interactive fun, it's Thomas and Friends too which is a character we have loved for many years.

 The learn with Thomas toys are designed for those 18 months up to 4 years old however little J enjoyed playing with these especially the smart tablet and he is 6. I think it depends on the age and stage of your child but if they are a Thomas fan they will love the range no matter what age.

Thomas and Friends Flip and Learn phone

Thomas and Friends Flip and Learn Phone

The Flip and Learn Phone is a great addition to role play with the kids. Flip the phone to open and reveal a very colourful keypad. The number buttons are red, yellow, green, blue and orange which is not only eye catching but great for colour and number recognition. Press a number and it will make a beeping dialling noise. Once you have dialled your number press the green phone button to ring Thomas. He will answer ' Hello 'I'm Thomas, the number 1 blue engine'. Press the red phone button to end the call.

Thomas and Friends Flip and Learn phone
Press the ? button on the phone and Thomas will ask you to ring someone by pressing a certain button. For example Thomas will say 'Shall we ring Emily? Press number 8. This gives the child the chance to find number 8 on the keypad. Again great for number recognition. Thomas will also ask you to find a certain colour button too.

Press * to begin lots of fun sounds and press # to activate the Thomas tune. There is even a camera button which makes it very realistic for the little ones.

Thomas and Friends Smart Tablet

Thomas and Friends Smart Tablet

Most children now know how to work an iPad or tablet so they will love the Thomas and Friends Smart Tablet as it has lots of interactive fun.

Thomas and Friends Smart Tablet
The Thomas tablet is really colourful and has lots to do and see. Switch the Thomas tablet on my pressing the large yellow button at the bottom of the tablet. Then you can choose what feature you would like to play with.

Press one of the circle 'places' buttons at the top of the pad to learn about places to visit. A great way for children to learn about different destinations.

The number and shape buttons are perfect to help with number and share recognition. Press the button once and it will tell you the number press again to hear the shape.

Move down to the letters that spell out T R A I N. Press a letter once to hear the phonetic pronunciation and press again to hear the name of the letter.

Thomas and Friends Smart Tablet
Press the characters to learn their names and if you press again you can hear more about the character.

Next you can learn colours by pressing the trains.

Thomas and Friends Smart Tablet
There is a Thomas button at the bottom of the tablet, you press this to activate the quiz. Thomas will ask you a question and you have to find the correct answer and press the button. Lots of fun for little ones and encourages listening and attention too.

I have teamed up with Trends UK to offer one lucky Playdays and Runways reader the chance to win their very own Thomas and Friends Smart Tablet.

Our giveaway may be closed but the Learn With Thomas range is still available to buy on Amazon.


Win Thomas & Friends Smart Tablet


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Review - Thomas & Friends Adventures, Cranky At The Docks


There has been quite an increase in children’s toys adverts over the last few weeks and we have been receiving Christmas catalogues from local toy shops too. This can only mean one thing, Christmas is coming. I was unsure what little J would be asking for this year as he just loves everything but I know one thing that will definitely be on his Christmas list and that is a Thomas Train Set. He loves Thomas & Friends and was thrilled when he received Thomas & Friends Adventures, Cranky At The Docks. We have had lots of fun playing with the play set and he’s also managed to merge it with other Adventures sets he has too.
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Fisher Price Thomas & Friends - All Around Sodor Review


If you are a regular reader you will know that my little monkey loves playing whether its cars, trains, superheroes or games he seems to enjoy everything. He does however has his favourites, he is a huge fan of Disney Cars, Batman and Thomas The Tank Engine. We where recently sent Thomas & Friends - All Around Sodor and as expected it was a big hit.
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Thomas and Friends - The Christmas Engines DVD Review

Every year we start getting in to the Christmas spirit earlier and earlier. We have a HUGE list of Christmas films to watch and we have a Christmas CD we play in the car. We usually start around 25th November but this year we have already started when we recently watched Thomas and Friends - The Christmas Engines DVD.

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Thomas And Friends Remote Control Thomas

Little J has become a fan of Thomas The Tank Engine over the past few months. We enjoyed a lovely day at Thomas Land last weekend and little J is also enjoying his new Thomas and Friends books so when we were given the chance to review Thomas - Remote Control Train we jumped at the chance.

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Thomas The Tank Engine Potty Training Books

Last week we made the first step at potty training little J - we bought a potty. We have left it in the corner of the room just so he can get used to it being there. He knows what it is and what it's for and I think he genuinely wants to use 'a big toilet' as he calls it and he is showing signs.

 He knows when he has done a wee or a poo because he will touch the front of his nappy if he has done a wee and he will come to me with a fresh nappy in his hand. If he does a poo he tells you straight away. He doesn't really like his nappy being wet or soiled so he is always keen to have a nappy change. I know it doesn't bother some children and they will sit with a dirty nappy without letting you know but he's the total opposite. I've took this as a sign that its time to potty train. He has had a few accidents during nappy free time but again when he's wet he won't sit in it he will come straight to me and let me know.
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