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Ricky Zoom TV Series | AD

Disclosure - This is a paid post and we were gifted a backpack full of goodies. 

boy with a ricky zoom backpack on his back
When it comes to having some chill time little J is quite open to watching new things, so over the past week we have been watching a few episodes of Ricky Zoom. Ricky Zoom premiered on Nick JR on October 5th and every Saturday and Sunday you can catch up with the adventures of Ricky and his Bike Buddies.

I can imagine Ricky Zoom will be quite popular, we particularly like the very catchy theme tune and the message that the show conveys to little ones about friendships and teamwork. The adventures Ricky and his buddies get up to are entertaining and the characters are colourful and loveable.

Ricky Zoom lives in a town called Wheelford which is a town designed just for bikes. His parents are both rescue bikes which Ricky aspires to be one day however he still has a lot to learn. for now he enjoys heading to local adventure park, racing and learning new stunts and enjoying time with his bike buddies friends.

Meet Ricky's Friends

Loop is one of our favourite characters. Loop is a dirt bike that enjoys showing off his stunt skills at the local park however he often underestimates his abilities which leaves him getting in to all kinds of trouble. Little J thinks he is hilarious.

Scootio loves her gadgets and is head girl of the gang. She's yellow, cool and has lots of gadgets that can help the Bike Buddies when they get in to trouble. She always has a solution to the problems they may face.

DJ is the heart of the gang, always putting the needs of others before himself. There is nothing that DJ can't build and he loves to put his super toolbox to the test when needed.

So Ricky, Loop, Scootio and DJ are the four bikes that make up the Bike Buddies.

There are lots more characters including

Ricky's Family. Helen and Hank are Ricky's Mum and Dad and Toot Zoom is Ricky's younger sister.
Don and Blip Hoopla are Loop's Dad and older brother.
Mr. Rumbler is a construction and also DJ's Dad.

Not only have we been watching Ricky Zoom but we were sent a backpack filled with goodies to enjoy and we have also been enjoying the free activities on the website too.

Make sure you check out Ricky Zoom every Saturday and Sunday on Nick JR and head to Ricky Zoom for lots of fun.

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We Are Part Of The Netflix Stream Team


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Thomas and Friends - The Christmas Engines DVD Review

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