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How Scary Is Scarefest At Alton Towers?

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This post was updated September 2023

You all know we love Alton Towers. I have been visiting since I was a little girl and I love how the park has developed and expanded over the years just getting bigger and better every year. A few years ago Alton Towers announced lots of events that would happen over the year including Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest and our personal favourite Scarefest. We often get asked how scary is Alton Towers Scarefest? What I love about Alton Towers is they cater for all ages and you can make it as family friendly or scary as you want as there is so much going on. 

Scarefest sign at Alton Towers

What To Expect When Visiting Scarefest, Alton Towers 

Alton Towers really do get their spook on when it comes to the Halloween event and you can expect all kinds of tricks and treats. 

Open till 9pm every night you can experience your favourite rides in the dark, 4 scare mazes, family fun and new for 2023 Daz Games - Panic 

Scarefest at Alton Towers

How Scary Is Scarefest At Alton Towers?

The park itself isn't scary however like I said early it can be as scary as you like with 4 scare mazes and new for 2023 Daz Games Panic. These chargeable attractions are not for the faint hearted, trust me I've done a few. Whilst they make you jump and scream (I did both) the actors inside these mazes don't touch you they are just there to give you a scare. 

What Is Daz Games - Panic?

This is a new attraction for 2023 and it claims it will take you on the first adrenaline-inducing escape room meets live action scare maze for the ultimate horror experience.

I do love an escape room however you are plunged into darkness and have just 7 minutes to complete a series of tests that will challenge the mind and body as you try to locate the symbols and escape…. all whilst evading capture from the inhabitants within.

Racing against the clock you'll have to think fast and stay calm as you take on an AI-themed assault of the senses… all before the game strikes back and traps you within. Forever

What Scare Mazes Are Available This Year?

New for 2023 - Altonville Mine Tours - Tiny's Revenge

Rumours are afoot that the old Altonville Mines are alive with activity once again. Following a breakthrough from local law enforcers, the notorious Skin Snatchers have been detained...but for how long? The ironically named Tiny, however, has evaded capture and is believed to still reside within the Mines. Explore at your peril and risk the adventure, if you dare.

The Invitation 

The Lakeside Cemetery invites you to join them for a grave experience that will live with you for eternity. Their friendly funeral director is dying to assist you as you descend in to the burial chamber, where you can choose your final resting place. Some caskets have already been filled while others are empty, waiting for you. Recommended 12+

The Attic: Terror of the Towers 

In Alton people talk of the Governess – how she’s haunted by the death of young children. She wants revenge, and she will do it by seizing the spirits of the living in retribution. They say her ghost haunts The Attic and that’s where you’re headed. Recommended 12+

Darkest Depths

Enjoy some extra-spooky swashbuckling aboard ‘The Mutiny’, a notoriously spine-chilling ghost ship. You’ll truly earn your golden Piece of Eight by venturing into the darkest depths, avoiding the hazardous calls of the treacherous Sirens, dodging the swords of terrifyingly ghoulish pirate mutineers and coming face to face with the Kraken – the legendary monster of the seas! Recommended 12+

We have done a few scare attractions over the years with Altonville Mine Tours our most recent and I can confirm they are very scary.

How Much Are The Scare Mazes?

Each maze is chargeable and can be pre-booked online. 

Daz Games - Panic

£10 or £8 for Merlin Pass Holders

Altonville Mine Tours - Tiny's Revenge, The Invitation, The Attic: Terror of the Towers  and Darkest Depths

£34 for all 4 or £27.20 for Merlin Pass Holders. All 4 must be completed within 2 hours. 

I think on the day you can purchase single scare mazes as we have done that in the past.

scarefest at alton towers
What Attractions Are Suitable For All The Family?

Alton Towers do try to make it suitable for everyone and over the years we have seen new attractions introduced which make it a family friendly event too.

New for 2023 - Burial Grounds

Burial Grounds is a free-flowing outdoor scare zone shadowed by the mighty Wicker Man where you'll encounter the rejectors of modern-day society fulfilling their terrifying primal instincts.

Trick O'Treat Town

Suitable for all ages Trick O'Treat Town is an interactive walkthrough where you must pluck up the courage to knock on doors. The residents of Spooky Avenue up to Witchy Woods love Trick or Treating so be prepared for plenty of treats and tricks too.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 2 adults can accompany a child without a purchase of a bag (£12 or £9.60 for Merlin Pass Holders)

Alton Ancestors

On Arrival you will usually bump in to the Alton Ancestors. They have left their gravestones behind and are back from the dead. One thing you should know about the Ancestors is they love to dance so make sure you check them out and even join in.

CBeebies Land Monster Ball

Join the CBeebies characters live in Big Fun ShowTime as they dance and play games. the show features Bing, Ubercorn, Peter Rabbit and many more of your favourite CBeebies friends, you can even dress up in your favourite costume.

Freaky Fun Zone

You won't want to miss the Freaky Fun Zone on the front lawns.  The five super-freaky Halloween characters put on the most spook-tacular shows, with meet and greets and photo opportunities. Little ones will love this as the characters are so much fun and very colourful. 

scarefest at alton towers

scarefest at alton towers

There are also many other reasons to visit Alton Towers during Scarefest including the Alton Towers Dungeon

Alton Towers Dungeon

As Scarefest descends on the Towers, enter The Alton Towers Dungeon for a little less laughing… and a lot more screaming! Will you be found guilty by the Bishop of Stafford, survive a visit to the Plague Doctor and make it out of The Witch of Burslem’s Cottage? Enter The Alton Towers Dungeon this Halloween, as we celebrate the most hideously horrible time of year with your delightful peasant screams… If you dare!

Recommended for guests age 10+ and a charge is applicable. Pre booking is advised. 

scarefest at alton towers
scarefest at alton towers

As well as as this scary fun you can enjoy your favourite rides in the dark as the theme park is open till 9pm every night during Scarefest. 

Also if you want to make the most of your visit to Scarefest you can stay over at the resort where the spooky fun continues. 


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