Dylan's Reptile Time
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Dylan's Reptile Time

Boy listening to entertainer
I was so lucky this week to be able to see little J take part in a special nursery activity when Dylan's Reptile Time came to visit. It's so nice that little J goes to the nursery that I work in, every day is like 'bring a child to work day' I love watching him play and chat to the other children and seeing him take part in this activity made me smile. Over the years we have had similar visits to the nursery but Dylan's Reptile time is by far my favourite. We placed all the chairs into a semi circle, the children all washed their hands and then they sat down ready to see all the reptiles. Dylan introduced himself and then showed the children the plastic boxes behind him. Each box had a creature inside. I was actually looking forward to this even though I am not the biggest fan of things that crawl.
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