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My First CloudBaby

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Since little J's birthday last month he has really enjoyed playing with his toys. I know that might sound strange but if you have read my blog you will know he went through a phase of just wanting to play with telephones, remote controls and my iPad. It was so frustrating and no matter how many toys he had he just wouldn't play with them. It was hard to decide what to buy him for his birthday because we honestly felt like no matter what we bought he wouldn't play with it anyway. Daddy and I put our heads together and decided to buy him a kitchen. He plays with the one in nursery and does enjoy making pretend cups of tea and eating pretend pizza. We also took it a step further with a shopping trolley, cleaning trolley, till and pram. He had everything he needed to create house for himself and I am so pleased to say it worked, He has really enjoyed playing with his new toys.

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