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Animal Kingdom Ride Guide and Spoilers | Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom entrance
Animal Kingdom only has a few rides as it is mainly animals and attractions. If you are planning to visit Animal Kingdom and experience the rides then take a look at our ride guide and spoilers.

Pandora - The World of Avatar

Pandora The World Of Avatar
Na'vi River Journey

Type of Ride - Slow moving boat ride along the river. Each boat seats approx 20 people fitting 4 comfortably per row.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - Still fairly new so the queue times are extremely long. The effects used on the ride are stunning and the detail both in and around the ride are beautiful. You feel like you are actually in Pandora
Min Height - No
Fast Pass + - Yes
Ride Photo - No

On the Flight of Passage RideAvatar Flight of Passage

Type of Ride - Fly on the back of a Banshee through  Pandora. Each ride seats 1.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - This is a 3D/4D experience. 3D glasses are required. You mount the ride like a bike and then are securely fastened around your back and your legs. If you suffer from motion sickness then I would not advise riding. Flight of Passage has long queue times so a fast pass is recommended. I have seen the queue go beyond 200 minutes however I will say it's worth the wait. The effects used on the ride are some of the best we have ever experienced. At times you can actually feel the Banshee breathing and even smell the environment you are in too.
Min Height - 44"/112cm
Fast Pass + - Yes
Ride Photo - No

A Hippo drinking fro a streamKilimanjaro Safaris

Type of Ride - Safari Ride through the African Savanna. Each Jeep sits approx 20 with 4 sitting comfortably per row.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - Your safari jeep is driven by a tour guide who will tell you all about the animals along the way and also stops for photo opportunities. The safari is approx 22 minutes long. It is amazing to see so many different animals in a short space of time. If you are wanting to take pictures or video then try to be either at the beginning or the end of the queue in your row. This way you will be able to see clearly out of one one of the sides of the jeep. Its not quite as easy to see past people in the middle of the jeep.
Min Height - No
Fast Pass + - Yes
Ride Photo - No


Kali River Rapids

Type of Ride - A wet ride through the jungle rivers on a raft. Each raft can seat 10 people.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - There are lockers free of charge for 2 hours, adjacent to the entrance. Everyone on the ride gets a little wet however depending on where you sit you may get soaked. The raft spins so it is impossible to tell. Gets busy on hot days
Min Height - No
Fast Pass + - Yes
Ride Photo - No

EverestExpedition Everest - Legend Of The Forbidden Mountain

Type of Ride - A rollercoaster ride through the Himalayan mountains in search of the Yeti. Each row seats 2 comfortably.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - When the train reaches the end of the track midway through the ride take a look to your right and you will see hundreds of bobbles. I'm not sure why but people seem to throw their bobbles there. Parts of the rides involves the train going backwards.  As you go up the lift section take a look to your left for an amazing view of Orlando, you can see for miles and I am always surprised at how flat the land is.
Min Height - 44"/112cm
Fast Pass + - Yes
Ride Photo - Yes

Tricera Top SpinDinoland U.S

Primeval Whirl

Type of Ride - Spinning rollercoaster with lots of dramatic drops and curves. Each capsule seats 4 comfortably.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - Reminds me of the old cat and mouse ride were you reach the end of the track and it will dramatically turn the corner making you think you will fall off the edge of the track. Doesn't move too quickly though so still suitable for young riders.
Min Height - 48"/122cm
Fast Pass + - Yes
Ride Photo - No

Two boys on Tricera Top spinTriceraTop Spin

Type of Ride - Soar above Dinoland U.S.A in this slow moving dinosaur ride. Each dinosaur seats 4 comfortably.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - You can control your dinosaur making him go up or down by using the lever in the front.  From this ride you can see the fairground down below, here you can play games to try and win prizes. We didn't win much this time, winning one small dino teddy.
Min Height - No
Fast Pass + - No
Ride Photo - No


Type of Ride - Take a prehistoric tour to save a dinosaur from extinction.
Hints, Tips or Spoilers - Dinosaur is a very dark and bumpy ride which can be extremely loud in places as you meet lots of dinosaurs along the way. Although the minimum height for this ride is low it may be too scary for some younger riders.
Min Height - 40"/102cm
Fast Pass + - Yes
Ride Photo - Yes

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