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Early Morning Fun In The Park

 Trying to get a soon to be teen out of bed on a Sunday morning can be nightmare so we usually have to wake big J up 30 minutes before he actually needs to be up. I usually give him a nudge and then ten minutes later another nudge and then usually on the 3rd and final nudge he will eventually get out of bed. I think theres nothing better than waking bright and early on a Sunday morning and heading out to the local park. Once big J was up and dressed, we wrapped up warm and off we went. 

Little J was very good and put on his all in one on and even his hat, which is a first. He usually takes it off within seconds of it going on his head. Also big J wore his coat. Sounds a silly thing to say but for whatever reason big J hates wearing a coat and somehow thinks that a tee and a hoody is suitable when its -2 degrees outside.

We have quite a few parks local to us but we decided to go further afield to Sherdley Park. Its not too far. We left the pram at home and brought little J's bike instead just incase he got tired.

As soon as we got there little J was desperate to get out the car. He loves being outside, we all do. The ball and the bike came along too and for the first half of our walk we kicked the ball up and down the hills. Little J was really good on his feet today. Sometimes he can be very wobbly and fall over but he was almost running down hills and his balance was perfect.

Big J however wasn't so good on his feet, he fell over a few times which I think was on purpose just so he could roll down the hills. Little J thought it was hilarious although I was panicking incase he rolled in dog poo.

Little J went on bike and we went on a walk next right round the park. We walked past the farm which was closed, but we saw some chickens, goats and donkeys. 

We came to a huge mud hill on our walk which Daddy and big J had to climb up. I think little J wanted to climb up too.

There is a play area in Sherdley Park, the boys had a go on the swings, slides and big J had a climb on the climbing frame. 

When we got to the play area I started to feel the cold so we didn't stay too long. I'm really looking forward to warmer days. I love being out and about. Most of our adventures don't cost anything. We always take a packed lunch and plenty of drinks. In the summer we will buy ice creams and little treats but for days like today we didn't spend a penny. I always find these days the best. All we needed was a ball and a play area and we had lots of fun, lots of laughs and quality family time together.

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Oops I've Become An Online Shopper

I'm not sure how this has happened but somehow over the last few months I've become addicted to shopping online. It's not something I would say I have done much of really in the past, maybe a little around Christmas time but that's it really. 
I know it's because I have my iPad handy, it makes it that much easier. I can check sales online or click links in emails to shops websites. Is this a good thing though? I sometimes worry that one day we wouldn't even need to leave the house if we didn't want to because everything is so accessible and available on the World Wide Web.
I have to admit that last night I decided that I was too busy this week to go shopping so I spoke to Daddy and said I would do an online food shop. I sat in bed with a cup of tea in one hand and my iPad in the other and browsed the virtual supermarket aisles clicking and adding my weekly food shop to my virtual trolley.
I like to look for offers when in the supermarket which are usual at the end of the aisles so I was worried that my total bill would be greater than usual because I'm missing out on the offers. Well if you have done an online food shop you will know that for each section you can click special offers and it brings them all up for you. Perfect!
So I did my order and then I had a choice to have it delivered to my home or I could collect it free of charge from the supermarket. Well it was just £1 to have it delivered so the lazy bones that I am decided to have it brought to my door. 
This afternoon it arrived within the hour slot I was given and all bagged and brought to my door. The man made about 20 trips to and from the van with my bags. I thought how awful of me to have this poor fella carrying all my bags, I felt really lazy. I did ask him did he want a hand with it but he just smiled and said its okay. Once everything was inside and he had gone I was left with all this shopping in my living room and I couldn't help but think 'wouldn't it be great if they put it away for you too' doesn't that sound bad? Putting the shopping away is the worse thing ever because I always buy too much so it never fits in, I end up playing freezer Tetris. 
Luckily I hadn't bought to much this time, maybe because I wasn't tempted by things I had seen sitting on the shelf as I had done it online. 
I actually think I would order online again as sometimes it is a nightmare when you're food shopping with the kids, it takes so long but this was really easy. 
Have you shopped online before? Do you prefer it?

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