Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Gift Guide | Mother's Day

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Mother's Day falls on the 31st March this year and if you are looking for some inspiration and gift ideas then I have popped a few suggestions below in our Mother's Day Gift Guide. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

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Father's Day is just around the corner so I thought I would share with you some gift ideas. I always struggle buying for Father's day as my dad says he either doesn't want anything or he says get me anything. So I have selected a few of our top picks this Father's Day and I think I have covered ideas for all types of dad's, father in laws or for someone that is like a dad to you.


Monday, 28 November 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas will soon be here and whilst I love buying presents I often get stuck for ideas on what to buy. So this year I decided to make notes every time something caught my eye on TV or whilst browsing the internet.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Father's Day 2016 Gift Guide

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If you are looking for some ideas on what to buy Daddy for Father's Day this year I have listed our Top 5 gifts.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Special Gifts For a New Mum and Mum To Be

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If you are heading in to Spring as a new mum or mum to be I have trawled through the internet for some of my favourite New Mum or Mum To Be gifts that will put a little Spring in to your step and make the last stages of pregnancy a little bit more bearable.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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I love Valentines day and whilst I don't feel the need to run out and buy lots of gifts or receive any I do like the idea of celebrating 'being in love'  

Daddy and I have been together for 16 years and I know we still love each other the way we did when we first started dating, if not more. When we were younger Valentines Day seemed more important. I'm not sure why but we really used to make a big effort. Nice gifts, flowers, chocolates and even a trip to Dublin. Now we don't need all that, maybe because we are parents we would be just as happy with a hour or two to ourselves.

For those who would like to spoil their loved ones this Valentines Day I have a few ideas for you.


Friday, 11 December 2015

5 Gift Ideas For All Food Lovers

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One of the best ideas when looking for inspiration for picking gifts is the recipients hobbies. Today I am going to take some time and share five great gift ideas for those people who love cooking, baking and food in general. As Christmas is the time to show that you love someone, this list of five gift ideas is a great place to start the joys of gift shopping.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Christmas Tipples Gift Guide

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Do you need to buy a nice Christmas drink for friends or family this Christmas? Check out our top 5 recommendations for a festive tipple.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide - For Her

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If you are stumped for a Christmas present idea this year for the lady in your life, check out our top 5 ideas.


Christmas Gift Guide - For Him

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Here are our top 5 gift ideas for him this Christmas


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide For Tweens and Teens

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I find this is the hardest age to buy for but after some research I have the top 5 gifts to but a Tween or Teen this Christmas.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide For School Aged Children

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If you need to buy for child aged 5-9 this Christmas check out our top 5 gifts for School Aged children.


Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide For Pre-Schoolers

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If you are stuck for ideas on what to buy this Christmas then you can check out our top 5 presents for Pre-Schoolers.


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

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Buying presents at Christmas time can be quite difficult and there is nothing worse than rushing round crowded shops looking for ideas of what to buy. Whether you are buying for him, for her, for family, fiends or secret santa it can be a nightmare. I tend to browse the internet for gift ideas and I have added a few ideas below for you to enjoy. Hopefully you might spot something you like or would like to receive which could make your Christmas less stressful.
World Class offer a wide selection of fragrances for both him and her. The Colour Me range are a perfect choice and the Purple is my favourite. An elegant rich modern fruity chypre fragrance. The fresh top notes of bergamot and watermelon are boosted by a subtle floral accord of pretty jasmin, rose and violet notes. The dry down is a tenacious blend of oakmoss, amber and precious patchouli woods.
Personalised Bottles have a large selection of gifts that would be suitable for all. I particular like the Scottish hampers. Using only the finest Scottish foods and gifts, the traditional Scottish gift hampers are a luxury gift for that someone special. As they are based in Scotland, they have access to over 60 Scottish food producers, with a total combined list of over 600 products.

I love the smell of gingerbread. Baylis & Harding's latest collection captures the essence of this fabulous aroma and presents it in a range of festive and fun pampering products.

Caramel Fudge, Creamy Marshmallow Frosting, Hot Chocolate and Sweet Gingerbread scents will create a deliciously festive feeling in your bathroom.

My favourite is the Baylis & Harding Beauticology Cream Marshmallow Frosting 50ml Hand & Body Lotion.
Christmas wouldn't be the same if you didn't have some delicious sweets to snack on while watching a Christmas movie. Hope and Greenwood have some amazing sweeties and this is my favourite. Splendid Stocking Fillers is packed with Sugar Mice, Sweet Bag Ginger & Chili, Sweet Bag Peppermint, Sweet Bag Cranberry & Orange and Curly Candy Canes.


Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Toys

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There is just so much choice out there at the moment for little ones for Christmas. I have been browsing over the last few months and character toys seem to be the most popular at the moment, well they are in our house. Little J loves Cbeebies, Peppa Pig, In The Night Garden and Golden Bear Toys have a lovely selection at the moment and I have included 6 of our favourites below.
1. Henry Hugglemonster Henry Roarback - RRP £39.99

Have you ever wondered if your little one can ROAR as good as Henry? Well now you can put them to the test as Henry will copy their every word and sound. Press Henry's right hand which will start the ROAR back feature. Once Henry's nose starts to flash you will know that the recording mode has started. Let your little one chat away or get them to ROAR. When its time to play back Henry will repeat word for word in his own voice. Your little ones will be amazed. There is also lots of phrases from the tv show which can be heard by pressing Henry's left hand. Suitable from 10mnths+
2. Cbeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge - RRP £19.99

Is your little one getting tired? Squidge is so its time to go to sleep. Give Squidge a big squeeze and listen to him softly play the tune from Cbeebies Bedtime hour. Use him as a pillow or even a nightlight as he glows in different colours soothing your little one to sleep. Give him another squeeze to make him stop playing. He is so soft and cuddly and would make a perfect gift.
This is the cutest plush I think I've ever seen and when we got the chance to review one a few months ago I wasn't sure whether little J would be interested or not but he loves his Squidge and it has been a firm night time favourite. 
3. Peppa Pig Wooden Play Pack - RRP £23.95

There is something special about wooden toys. This gift set would be perfect for any little Peppa fan. Firstly the wooden dominoes set has all your favourite characters from Peppa Pig on them. the first player to match the pictures and lay down all their dominoes is the winner. Hours of fun and perfect for learning how to take turns. The Pepper Pig wooden vehicles are also lots of fun. Just pull them back and watch them go. Chunky and colourful and perfect for little hands to hold. The pullback range features train, car, boat and rocket.
4. Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train - RRP £49.99

If you have a little fan of In the night garden then I am sure this will already be top of their list to Father Christmas. The Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train is a whopping 78cm long and comes with 5 detachable carriages. Each carriage is a toy within itself but when placed together they form the Ninky Nonk. The Engine carriage, Spinning Shape Sorter carriage, Stacking blocks carriage, pop up Igglepiggle carriage and Peek-a-boo carriage will keep little ones entertained for hours. With music, sounds and glowing lights this is perfect for any fan. If you want to read our Ninky Nonk just click HERE

5. Something Special - Mr Tumble Textured Spotty Bag - RRP £14.99

Mr Tumble fans will love pretending to be him by owning their own spotty bag. Bright colours, the Something Special logo and 4 textured spots to help stimulate senses. Green satin, orange velvet, red plush and blue corduroy. Also comes with 5 finder cards with Makaton signs to help recognition of popular household items.
6. Woolly & Tig Christmas Bundle (Exclusive to Golden Bear Toys) - RRP £103 SPECIAL OFFER £50

Jumbo Woolly Soft Toy
Read Along with Woolly Soft Toy
Twinkling Counting Kisses Woolly
Woolly and Tig Backpack
Pick 'n' Match Pairs Game
Scampering Woolly Pullback
Next I have included a few items that we really like and that will be going on our list to Father Christmas.
1. VTech Baby Toot Toot Drivers Airport - RRP £24.99

Little J has a set of Toot toot cars at his Grandma's house and he absolutely loves them. We googled the range and you can buy some many different playsets. This is my favourite, it comes with a little plane. All Toot Toot playsets can connect to one another so its just endless fun. You can buy this in major toy shops and also online at Amazon.
2. Thomas & Friends Battery Operated Train and 22 piece track - RRP £119.99

Little J has a few ride on's but I love the idea of this because it's battery operated and moves along the track. Little J doesn't have very strong legs yet so he does sometimes struggle to move across the floor on his ride on but he loves sitting on this. I think this will be great because at least he will be going somewhere.
3. TOMY Counting with Luke The Loop - RRP £14.99

Luke loves counting and looping. Your little one will love flying Luke around in his stunt aeroplane. He has an easy to hold handle perfect for little ones. His engine will roar as you fly him through the air and everytime you make him loop he will count - all the way up to 10.
4. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn stride to ride puppy - RRP £59.99

Whether your little one is sitting on puppy, walking with him or riding with him there is lots of fun to be had. He will play more than 50 songs, tunes and phrases. He will teach your little one about letters, numbers, colours, shapes, greetings, manners and more. Get your little ones to sort through the coloured blocks and feed them to him. 
5. Pink Lining Knights and Dragons Wheelie Case - RRP £30.00

I absolutely love this. We go on many weekend breaks and holidays throughout the year so this would be perfect for little J. Plus he absolutely loves putting stuff in and out of bags so he would have fun with at home too. Available from Pink Lining 


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Birthday Wishlist for a 12 year old boy

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The Star Wars Clone Wars Season 5
Big J's birthday is coming up and he has been looking at ideas of things to get, so I thought I would create a wishlist for him.

Big J is really into Star Wars at the moment. He does this every year, he becomes obsessed with Star Wars but then he moves onto something else but it always comes back.
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