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Finding Childcare In My Area With | AD

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As you may already know there are 11 years between our two boys. At first I wasn't sure about having the big age gap but it has been amazing in so many ways and one is big J can now help out with looking after his younger brother. I do not miss the days of trying to arrange childcare for when I returned to work or if John and I fancied a date night, it was a nightmare. Not everyone has family or friends they can rely on so it can be tough knowing where to turn to. I recently found and it has amazed me how easy it is to find childcare in our local area with just a few clicks. home screen

What Is is an award winning online social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors with over 2 million members.

Where Do I Start?
If you are looking for childcare then you have definitely clicked on the right site. All you need to do is register and create an account. This is free and super easy to do. You need to let know whether you are a parent/guardian or a childcare provider and pop in a few details such as where you live, date of birth and your requirements then you are good to go. home screen

How Do I Search For Childcare In My Area?
You can search for childcare in your area without registering however if you did want to get in touch then you would need to be a member.

To search all you do is click on the search menu on the home screen and choose what service you are looking for. There are lots to choose from including babysitter, childminder, nanny or nursery. Next pop in your postcode and click search. home screen

Choosing The Right Childcare For Me?
I was quite surprised that 133 possible child minders were registered within 5 miles from our home. This is obviously a lot of profiles to search through so you can then choose to browse all the possibilities or you can narrow down further by filtering your search results. 

Once you have narrowed down your search results you can now view your childcare options in more detail. 

The profiles of the individual childcare providers have lots of information about themselves, their experience, their qualifications, their availability and their fees. 

My favourite part is the reviews section. You can read honest reviews from other parents which I think is really important, knowing what others think. 

My Thoughts
Would I use it? Absolutely. Big J is heading to university soon so I have no idea how he can fit in looking after little J when we need him so we will be needing to look at the childcare options in the future. Also due to the current situation with covid19 we just never know when we may need emergency childcare and I honestly feel confident that with 133 results close to home we could find someone. 

I think is an amazing tool to have to hand for all your childcare needs. It's free to register, easy to use and I am not surprised it has over 2 million members. 

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