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Mummy 2 Monkeys takes the Pampers #BritainsDriestNappy test

Its been over 12 years since we bought our very first pack of nappies for big J. We honestly had no idea what brand to choose but based on popularity and a brand we recognised we chose Pampers. We continued to use Pampers right the way through until big J was potty trained. For us Pampers was the best brand ever as big J never got a sore bottom or nappy rash.
When little J came along 11 years later it was obvious we would choose Pampers and again we will continue to use them throughout. We have never had any problems with Pampers at all and *touch wood* little J has never had a sore bottom.
There are a few varieties of Pampers available but we have always chose Simply Dry or Baby Dry. They just sound like the best option because you want your baby to be dry and comfortable.
I recently found out that actually Pampers Active Fit is the UK's driest nappy and I have been asked to take the #BritainsDriestNappy challenge.
Anyone can take part all you will need is the following.
1 Active Fit nappy
150 ml of tap water inside a baby bottle or cup
A piece of tissue paper or kitchen roll
1 stop watch
1 pair of scissors
I also had my scientist assistant, big J to help out.
Firstly big J opened the nappy as if he was putting it on little J. Almost like a bowl shape. Big J has only changed little J's nappy a few times so I was surprised he knew what to do ;)
He poured the water onto the nappy. 150ml is a on average 2-3 wee's which is normally the amount a baby wee's before you think about changing a nappy.
Once the water had gone on to the nappy he set the timer for 1 minute and 30 seconds. We watched the nappy as it absorbed all the water although 150mls didn't seem a lot, the nappy did become quite full.
It seemed like forever until 1 minute and 30 seconds was over. How strange when you are watching time it goes very slow. 
Big J put kitchen roll on to the nappy and applied pressure as if little J was sat on it.
He lifted it off and we checked the kitchen roll for wet patches but it was dry and we also felt the nappy and it was completely dry. 
So the next part was to see how it works. This is were the scissors come in. Now I wouldn't fancy doing this next part with a nappy full of wee so if you are going to do this test make sure you use water.
Big J cut the nappy open across the middle.
Inside are absorbent micro pearls that absorbed the water to form a gel which then locks the water away protecting for up to 12 hours. These little pearls can hold up to 30 times their own weight so up to 3 small bottles of milk.
Am I convinced?
Like I said before we have always used Pampers so I know first hand how good the brand is. I love the fact that this test proves that my little J's bottom isn't damp at any time in between changes. 
I have never bought Active Fit so that's something for us to consider on our next nappy shop, but as long as little J is in nappies Pampers will always be our brand.
This post is an entry for #BritainsDriestNappy trial sponsored by Pampers. Learn more at
I was asked to take part in the #BritainsDriestNappy challenge thanks to britmums and provide an honest review*
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Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket

On our recent trip we did do lots of driving across the country and at times it did get quite chilly. We had packed our Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket with us and it was perfect to keep little J warm.
Firstly the monkey design is so cute and perfect for my little monkey, it super soft and very cosy.
The monkey face  acts as a cushion as well as the pouch. Little J likes to lie on the cushion, its really soft. He actually lay on it before I had managed to take the packaging off.
When you open it up, it unfolds into a huge blanket.
It is perfect for the car but also at home, when you are snuggling on the couch or just want to cuddle up.
So when you have finished with the blanket you just need to fold it back away into the pouch and then you can carry it with you using the handle.
The blanket comes in 3 designs, Owl, Ladybug or Monkey.
Current RRP is £23
I recently went to Hamleys and saw more of the Skip Hop Travel Range so I am looking forward to adding some more of the range to our collection.
The Skip Hop Zoo Neckrest is perfect for little ones aged between 2 to 4. They will make journeys more comfortable by giving support to the neck. Ideal for cars, planes and trains as they are very easy to carry and will make journeys more fun.
The neckrest comes in 4 designs, Owl, Ladybug, Bee and Monkey.
Current RRP is £15
Lastly I spotted the gorgeous Skip Hop Zoo Luggage perfect to make you collection complete.
The Skip Hop luggage is a pull along trolley style suitcase. It has a sturdy handle and the design of the case means if little ones get tired of pulling it along, the shoulder strap can be removed and this will allow the parents to carry it as a bag.
Lots of space inside to pack toys, books or teddies and has a wipe clean lining.
The luggage comes in designs all with their own themed zip toggle. Owl, Ladybug, Bee and Monkey.
Current RRP is £39
For more information you can visit Maguari
*we were provided with a Skip Hop Travel Blanket. The thoughts above are our own*
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