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Thor Love and Thunder Review

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As a huge Marvel fan I was really looking forward to the release of Thor Love and thunder. When it comes to the Thor movies I’ve never really understood where they fit in with the Marvel Universe. Obviously Thor is such an important character in The Avengers and Marvel movies in general however I always thought that they were a little stupid, the characters were silly and whether the script was actually supposed to be tongue and cheek, especially when you compare them To the Captain America and Iron Man movies. when they are I am serious movies especially Captain America. However I was looking forward to Thor Love and Thunder and it’s nice to have a new Marvel movie to get excited about. 

Thor Love and Thunder

I’m not one for spoilers however Thor Love and Thunder did not disappoint I found it so funny, probably more funnier than it should’ve been. It was extremely cheesy and stupid in places, but it was great to see Chris Hemsworth play the character Thor again well and I absolutely loved the fact that the Guardians of the Galaxy featured in the beginning of the movie.

So a little bit of the film without giving too much away. Thor Love and Thunder begins with a recap of Thors life, snippets from his childhood and previous movies. Thor has been finding himself and is generally unhappy although still fighting and saving worlds. He reflects back on his time with Jane Foster. The one time in his life where he loved someone, was loved back and truly happy. His reflection doesn't last long as Thor and The Guardians of The Galaxy start to receive thousands of distress calls including one from Asgardian Lady Sif. Thor and The Guardians go their separate ways as Thor heads to save Sif and The Guardians go to try protect the galaxy.  Sith tells Thor about a 'God Butcher' who has been cursed and is travelling around the worlds slaughtering gods. Thor is next. Thor must stop the God Butcher and with the help Valkyrie, Korg and Jane Foster they set off to finish their mission. 

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