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Exploring Chester With the Kids

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The best days out we have had as a family are the ones we didn't expect to have. With the various restrictions in place we have been very limited to places we can visit however I feel it has opened our eyes to what we have closer to home that we may have missed if the restrictions were not in place. We love being out and about planning days out as a family so we recently visited Chester and realised that there is so much more to do there than we had realised. Although we went with an idea of what we were going to do, we ended up doing so much more. Here is our guide to exploring Chester With The Kids. 

Chester Town Hall

Chester City Walls

Chester City Walls
Elevated above the city you can take in the views of Chester as you walk along the city walls. Standing for almost 2,000 years the defensive walls are the oldest and longest in the UK. You can't miss the walls and they are easily accessible from 4 main gates, Northgate, Eastgate, Watergate and Bridgegate. There are opportunities to join from other points along the way including steps and accessible ramps. 

Chester City Walls

The route is free of charge and is approximately 2 miles long. The duration will depend on your speed and also whether you stop to look at the beautiful views of the city, the river, the cathedral and other places of interest.

The Roman Gardens

The Roman Gardens

The Roman Gardens

The Roman Gardens can be spotted from the City Walls Walk or if heading down towards the river from the city centre. The gardens feature lots of pieces of important buildings and baths. As well as the history to see and read, the gardens themselves are well maintained with beautiful lawns and cherry blossom trees.

The Roman Gardens

There are benches around the gardens which slope down to the river. Perfect for stopping for a picnic lunch, a break from the hustle and bustle of the city centre close by or just to sit and enjoy the views. 

There are steps leading down to the river but also an accessible winding path. 

Cruise on the River Dee

Cruise On The River Dee
There is a buzz in the air as you arrive at the banks of the River Dee. The Chester Boat River Cruise offers sailings throughout the day on the Dee so you can enjoy the views from the river. The half hour cruises sail from 11am-5pm each day with ticket available to book at a discounted rate online or at the quayside.

views from the River Dee

Prices start from Adult £7, Children £2.50. Concession, family, disabled and disabled carer rates are available and children under 5 go free. 

man and boy on motor boat

Drive A Motor Boat
If you want something a little different , just next to the Chester Boat River Cruise you can hire a motor boat. The motor boat is easy to use and would comfortably fit a group of 4 or 5. 

views from the river dee

It's a lovely way to travel along the Dee, looking at the views on both sides of the river.

To hire a motor boat it is £25 plus a £20 deposit for 30 minutes. If paying by card they take £45 and return your deposit in cash.

Boy eating an ice cream

Enjoy An Ice Cream On The River Bank
Alongside the River Dee there are plenty of ice cream kiosks selling various ice cream treats and snacks. Just opposite the Chester Boat you can purchase a Cheshire Farm Ice Cream cone. We recently visited the Ice Cream Farm and loved all the flavours to choose from. The kiosk on the River Dee has lots of flavours to choose from too so you will be sure to find one you like.

Eastgate Clock in Chester

Eastgate Clock in Chester

Take A Photo Under The Eastgate Clock
The Eastgate Clock stands at the original entrance to the Roman Fortress. It towers over the city centre shopping area and is also part of the City Walls walk. It is a precious landmark within the city of Chester and is rumoured to be the most photographed clock in the UK after Big Ben.

Chester Cathedral

Visit Chester Cathedral
The Chester Cathedral is a church of England cathedral and is located in the heart of Chester. As well as being a beautiful Grade 1 building to admire and explore it opens its doors throughout the year to host special events.

Between May 17th - July 1st you can enjoy a free exhibition of the very popular children's book The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr. The exhibition is family friendly and includes a life-size model of the Tiger.

Boy holding a treasure map

Treasure Map Trails
Chester is full of history and things to see so what better way to explore than with a Treasure Map Trail. Choose a city local to you and your map will be delivered to you first class, then you are ready to go on a treasure trail. 

Chester has two maps to choose from or you could do both. They are bright, colourful, easy to read with road names and buildings illustrated on the map and are ideal for children aged between 5-12. 

boy climbing an elephant statue

The maps are a great way to encourage your children to look around the city trying to solve the clues and find all the different statues, signs and other treasures. 

Each map costs £5.99 each or you can purchase more of the same maps if you have more than 1 child starting at £8.99 for two copies of the same map. 

We are part of the Treasure Map Trails affiliate scheme and can offer our readers a 10% discount if you use the code PLAYDAYSRUNWAYS or follow this link

Chester is a great city to explore and cane be reached by train, bus and car with ease. When planning your trip make sure you check out way you can save on your travel costs, it will give you more money to spend while you are there. 

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