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Murder In The Dark Review

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Disclosure - we were invited to watch Murder in the Dark. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

I have loved going to the theatre since I was a little girl and it's only until the past few years that I have started to enjoy shows that are not musicals. Musicals have always been my favourite but since watching The Mouse Trap it opened a new door for me and now I have seen a wide range of stage shows and I hope to continue to enjoy them as much as I have. This week we went along to one of our favourite theatre venues in the North West, The Lowry to see Murder In The Dark. 

Murder in the dark programme

I'm not a fan of reading reviews of theatre shows before I've seen them however I had heard that Murder In The Dark was a show that would keep you on the edge of your seat with an atmospheric staging and plenty of jump scares. It certainly did have me jumping in my seat a few times and the staging was the perfect setting for this show. 

The show takes place on New Year’s Eve, when the 'has been' pop sensation Danny Sierra crashes his car on a deserted road. Luckily Mrs Bateman is soon to the rescue and she brings the famous but troubled singer Danny Sierra and his dysfunctional family to an isolated holiday cottage in rural England. As soon as she shows them to her cottage the atmosphere becomes spooky with lights turning off and on sporadically as well as the TV. 

the cast of murder in the dark around the table

Over the course of the night we dig deep in to Danny's past as he is joined in the cottage with his much younger girlfriend Sarah, his ex wife Rebecca, his late teens son Jake and his brother who he was once in a band with. We find out that the choices and the sacrifices Danny made in the past will always come back to haunt him. 

Murder In The Dark is touring the UK with a list of venues and dates below.

Jan 23 - Jan 27 2024 , Salford, The Lowry
Book Tickets Online Here

Jan 29 - Feb 03 2024, Southend-On-Sea, Palace Theatre
Book Tickets Online Here

Feb 06 - Feb 10 2024, Cambridge Arts Theatre

Feb 27 - Mar 02 2024, Cardiff, New Theatre
Book Tickets Online Here

Mar 05 - Mar 09 2024, Cheltenham, Everyman Theatre

Mar 12 - Mar 16 2024, New Brighton, Floral Pavilion Theatre & Blue Lounge

Mar 19 - Mar 23 2024, Richmond Theatre, Surrey

Mar 25 - Mar 30 2024, Glasgow, the Pavilion Theatre
Book Tickets Online Here

At the moment the show is only touring until the end of March 2024 however I am sure it will continue beyond this date as it really is a great watch and a great cast including Tom Chambers and Susie Blake. 

Have you booked your tickets to Murder in the Dark yet?


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