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Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle With Mikey Review

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I have always said that little J absolutely loves playing with anything that has wheels, cars, bikes, trucks you name it he will play with it. Since starting nursery he has become interested in super heroes and action figures too so when we were given the chance to review the Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle I knew he would love it as it is two of his favourite things combined. 
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TMNT Half Shell Squeeze 'Ems Review

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When I was younger I absolutely loved the Turtles, I would watch it every morning on Sky One. I had the figures and Raphael was my favourite. Thinking back now I remember I wanted to be just like the reporter April O'Neil. When we were offered the chance to review a TMNT Half Shell Heroes Squeeze 'Ems from Flair Plc I was really excited. It's nice that the Turtles have made another comeback and little J can enjoy them like I did.
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