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What Questions to Ask At A School Open Day

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I can't believe in just a few days little J will be back to school and will begin his final year in primary school. Time has flown and I feel like secondary school visits and applications have come round too soon. We have a few secondary school visits booked in for September and he is looking forward to seeing the school and I am getting ready to ask lots of questions

From past experience with our eldest a school open day is a good chance to ask plenty of questions to staff, teachers, and the headmaster of the school. I found having a list of questions I wanted to ask can helped alleviate the pressure when I needed to strike up a conversation. Questions should always be asked at open days, so here are a few you could consider asking when you head to your next one.

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The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities | AD

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With the rise of technology in our homes and in our places of education and work, many parents are concerned about their children’s development. While tech definitely has a place in a child's world and plays an important role in education, it should never be forgotten that children need constant, real-world challenges in order to grow into well-rounded adults. An independent school in New York promotes a broad and balanced curriculum to ensure that children are able to cope with all of the challenges that life brings.
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How To Help Your Teen With Their Exam Revision [AD]

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Last year was probably big J's toughest school year so far. Everything he had worked for throughout his entire school years came down to his GCSE examinations. He was so nervous and although he was prepared he kept thinking he hadn't done enough, which then got us thinking had we done enough as his parents. You don’t have to be a mathlete or a science whizz to help your teen with their exam revision there are other things you can do to take the pressure off them a little bit. I have teamed up with Mount House School, a Sixth Form in Hertfordshire, who offer the following advice for helping teenagers with their exam revision.
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