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Ways To Keep The Costs Down

25 May 2018

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Around this time of year I start thinking about cutting down on our spends in preparation for Christmas. I know it is still 6 months away but I feel once the school Summer holidays start, Christmas creeps up very fast and I like to be prepared and sure that we have enough money to enjoy Christmas. There is also a time every year when we seem to have lots of unexpected expenses that like to crop up at once. So now is the time for us to try and keep our spending to a minimum, here are some tips to keeping the costs down.
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Pampers Wonder Week Is Back

1 April 2016

When I first heard about Pampers Wonder Week last year I was genuinely excited. Finding a bargain is something I really enjoy. I love the feeling of getting something you really want or really need at a discounted price. Pampers Wonder Week is all about buying in bulk to experience great savings and I am so pleased to let you know it's back.

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