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Four Fantastic Child-Friendly Restaurants in Central London

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Without a doubt, central London is great for a family day out. There are so many things to see and do, plus it’s easy to get the train to London from almost anywhere in the UK. But despite there being so many eateries available in the heart of the Big Smoke, it can be hard to know which are suitable for kids. But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.  In this article, we’ll share four fantastic child-friendly restaurants in central London.

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Heddon Street Kitchen, Piccadilly Circus
If you asked for just one reason you should choose Heddon Street Kitchen, it’s because all kids eat for free. This is a great luxury at any restaurant, let alone one run by world-famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The child-friendly menu includes kids’ classics like macaroni cheese, meatballs with pasta and burgers and chips, so you can be sure your little one will enjoy something on the menu. It’s also extremely easy to get to, located just off Regent’s Street in the heart of the West End.

Rosa’s Thai, Soho
If you’re in London then you’re never far away from a Rosa’s Thai in London, meaning it’s easy for you to get a delicious Thai meal at any time. While the menu has plenty of exotic flavours for adults, it’s also jam-packed with kid-friendly favourites like crispy spring rolls, chicken satay sticks and egg-fried rice. Your littluns are sure to have a great time, thanks to the friendly staff, light d├ęcor and upbeat music this chain is known for.

Darcie & May Green, Westminster
Fancy taking your kids somewhere a little different for brunch? Then consider Darcie & May Green, a colourful floating restaurant on a canal boat. It’s covered with bright pop art stencils that are sure to capture your children’s imagination, and the brunch food is guaranteed to be a hit too. Despite it being on a boat, there’s plenty of room to sit down. And even if it is smaller than most restaurants, the novelty of the experience for your kids is well worth it. 

Giraffe World Kitchen, Victoria
Like to sample a bit of everything? Then Giraffe World Kitchen could be the perfect restaurant for you. It serves dishes from around the world, from American-style burgers to Japanese Katsu curry. It has a great selection of options on the kid’s menu too, so it doesn’t how fussy your little ones are, you’re sure to find something suitable on the menu. 

Which of these child-friendly restaurants are you most excited to eat at next time you’re in central London? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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