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A To Z Date Ideas

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I know it doesn't seem that long since Christmas but Valentines Day is just around the corner. One of resolutions last year was to make more time for each other, and spend time together as a couple. We did really well and managed lots of date days and nights. It's so nice to step away for life for even just a few hours and spend quality time with each other. This year we will be doing alphabet dating again (we did it a few years ago) The aim is to try and schedule at least 2 date days or nights in each month that begin with the letters of the alphabet, by the end of the year you will have completed 26 different days. It's a great way to think of new things to do together and if you need inspiration there are so many ideas. 

hands making heart shape
Afternoon Tea
Art Gallery
Air BnB

Bike Ride
Boat Ride
Bar Crawl

Comedy Club

Driving Experience
Driving Range
Dinner Date
Double Date

man and woman in an escape room

Exercise Class
Explore A New City
Escape Room
Eat Out
Experience Day

Ferry Ride
Foot Golf
Fish n Chips
Film Night

Games Night
Ghost Walk
Go Karts
Go Ape

Horse Riding
Helicopter Ride
Hop On / Hop Off Bus

Ice Skating
Ice Cream
Indoor Climbing

Jigsaw Puzzle
Junk Food Night

Karaoke Bar
Kite Flying

Live Music
Lazy Day
Lunch Date

Movie Night
Mountain Biking
Mini Golf
Murder Mystery Night

quarry bank mill

Nature Walk
National Trust
Night In
Night time Walk

Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor Cinema

Pamper Day
Pub Lunch

Quiz Night

Riverboat Cruise
Roller Skating
Re-enact Your First Date
Retail Therapy

man and women at the seaside

Scavenger Hunt
Spa Day

Theatre Trip
Ten Pin Bowling
Treasure Trail
Theme Park

Unplug and Unwind

Visit Somewhere New
Visit Old Friends


Wine Tasting
Welly Walk 
Whisky Tasting
Walking Tour
Water Park

Xbox Night

Yes Day

Zip Wire

Do you have any different ones I can add to my list? I am always looking for inspiration. 

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Trapped Escape Room Game. Perfect For Date Night At Home

Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are ours unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

Last year was the year of date nights at home. John and I made sure that amongst all the home schooling, late nights in the garden and all the other craziness we got together to have a date night. We would cook for one another, have a movie night, go for a walk or play a game. Playing games is my favourite and last year for the first time we tried out a range of escape room type games that were lots of fun. Just before Christmas we received a lovely bundle of three Trapped games which are family friendly escape room packs. 

man and woman playing an escape room

Each pack has everything you need to turn any room in to an Escape room. The 3 games we received are from series 1 and included

Room 1 - The Art Heist Trapped Escape Room - Puzzle Level Medium
Room 2 - The Bank Job Trapped Escape Room - Puzzle Level Hard
Room 3 - The Carnival Trapped Escape Room - Puzzle Level Easy

trapped escape room game

We are no strangers to Escape rooms and have done a few actual games and also played at home but these were new to us so we started at the beginning with easy. Did we escape The Carnival?

The Carnival is designed for 2-8 players aged 8+

trapped escape room game

In the trapped game The Carnival it is our lifelong dream to work alongside the fabled fortune teller and jaw dropping performers of Muggins Carnival. Soon after we apply for a job the ringmaster invited us to an interview we will never forget....

Nothing is what it seems as we perform admission tests including a series of baffling puzzles and mysteries. We soon were racing head to head to see who was crowned king or queen of The Carnival. 

trapped escape room game

The Carnival was very easy to set up. As I said before you can create your own escape room by popping all the posters and puzzles around the room. You don't have to do this you can just spread them out on a table, the choice is yours. 

When you are ready to start you just dive right in and start solving the puzzles. I won't go in to any detail about the puzzles so not to spoil it. Once you think you have solved a puzzle you can check you have the correct answer by checking the arcade machine. If the answer is there you score the points.

trapped escape room game

trapped escape room game

You might not solve all the puzzles so you can get clues. Each puzzle gives you the chance to have clues and you can use the red clue reader to help you on your way. 

Each Escape room is designed to give you 1-2 hours of play. Between us we managed to complete the easy room in 40 minutes. We worked as a team to solve the puzzles and it was lots of fun.

trapped escape room game

I have teamed up with Trapped Escape Room Games to offer 1 reader the chance to win all 3 games. All you need to do is complete the entry form below and remember to pop back daily for bonus chances to win. 

Our Giveaway is now closed but you can purchase Trapped Escape Room games on Amazon 


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Celebrating Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

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10 years ago today John and I said 'I do' after being together for 10 years to the month. All my life I had never wanted the big white wedding and although most girls dream of walking down the aisle those thoughts never entered my head. I always had a dream of getting married in New York City. This might surprise people since I am such a huge Disney fan but I am also a fan of romance and almost all my favourite romantic comedies are set in New York so that was my dream.

a married couple
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What To Buy For A Ten Year Wedding Anniversary

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Disclosure - This post contains affiliate links - purchasing an item through an affiliate link adds no extra cost to you but might earn me a few pennies. 

This year John and I should have been celebrating our 20 years together and 10 years married anniversary. Unfortunately it looks like we will have to celebrate safe at home and buy each other a gift instead of heading off on holiday as originally planned. Traditionally on the 10th Wedding Anniversary you will give a gift of Tin or more recently it changed to Diamond for the more modern gift. However after browsing online I found lots of perfect gifts to celebrate ten years together.

A newly married couple holding hands
This year John and I should have been celebrating our 20 years together and 10 years married anniversary. Unfortunately it looks like we will have to celebrate safe at home and buy each other a gift instead of heading off on holiday as originally planned. Traditionally on the 10th Wedding Anniversary you will give a gift of Tin or more recently it changed to Diamond for the more modern gift. However after browsing online I found lots of perfect gifts to celebrate ten years together.

a 10th anniversary photo frame
Keepsake photo frame will be cherished and loved forever. Made from top-quality natural solid wood. Celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary with this special decorative wooden frame.

a 10th anniversary wood plaque
A beautiful, unique special Wedding Anniversary Plaque keepsake gift to celebrate 10 years together anniversary. The plaque is individually cut and engraved and personalised with your own message.

a 10th anniversary lucky sixpence
Personalised 10th Wedding Anniversary Lucky Sixpence In Display Case. The display case comes with a black cushioned interior which houses the sixpence. The acrylic display case measures (50mmx50mm) and opens easly to remove the sixpence. The sixpence dates can vary from 1953 to 1971.

a 10th anniversary sofa cushion
This Sharing the Sofa Personalised Cushion makes a lovely personalised gift for any special couple celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

The cushion features the words Mr & Mrs (Surname) Sharing the Sofa for 10 Years and the date married.

The cushion cover is made from woven polyester and comes complete with the cushion infill pad.

a 10th anniversary  wooden block
Solid Quality Engraved 10th Anniversary Beech Free Standing Ornament. A unique gift to celebrate 10 Year Wedding Anniversary.

a 10th anniversary  plaque
An ideal present for a couple who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. These wooden hanging decorations are a great way to say congratulations on that special milestone.

a 10th anniversary  rock
Made from solid 100% pure tin polished to shine with the words 'you are my rock 10 years'

10th Wedding Anniversary gift idea for both him and her.

Packaged in wood straw and comes with a little slip inside called 'The Story of Your Rock' which explains where the original rock came from.

a 10th anniversary  mr & mrs mugs
A Fun China Mug gift set celebrating the 10th Wedding Anniversary.

This China Mug Set is a great 10th anniversary gift for any couple that can see the funny side of life. 

You get two China Mugs one '10 years of being Mr Right', the other  '10 years of being Mrs Always Right'

a 10th anniversary tin heart
Have your names hand stamped onto this heart to really personalise this lovely gift. Perfect 10th Wedding Anniversary gift and comes in a special '10th wedding anniversary' gift box.

Stamped with the dates for your 10 year anniversary '2010-2020'

a 10th anniversary tin plate
This Commemorative Miniature Plate has been cast in Tin for your Tin Anniversary.

Includes a mini stand to display your mini plate and a small certificate explaining the materials and methods used to create your piece.

Measures approx 45mm high & 45mm wide.

a 10th anniversary tin dice
A really unique 10th Anniversary gift. 

Create your own date night using the Date Night dice giving you 36 Date Night Ideas.

Packaged in Wooden Straw and comes with a velvet bag and date night engraved instructions.

The perfect way to add some spice and variety to your 10 Year Anniversary Date Night.


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Remember This Day... 14th February | AD

Disclosure - This is collaboration post with the infographic supplied by Cash Lady.

Happy Valentines Day Image
Happy Valentines Day. Today is the 14th February and traditionally on this day we celebrate with our loved ones and let them know just how much we love them. Typically roses are the flower of choice for your special someone or you can choose from a range of 'Valentines Day' gifts to show how much you care. 

The 14th February is not just a day of romance and love as it is also a day to remember some very important events, birthdays, deaths and even divorces, that have happened on this day. 

In 1929 the Valentines Massacre happened when 7 gangsters were killed.

In 1984 Torvill and Dean performed their Gold winning performance of the Bolero in the Winter Olympics. 

The 14th February is also the date of a few famous birthdays including Alan Parker, Tim Buckley, Stelios Haji-Ioannou and most recently Simon Pegg.

Infographic credit to Cash Lady

James Cook and Dolly the Sheep unfortunately died on this day back in 1779 and 2003.

Choosing to get married on Valentines Day is very romantic and there have been quite a few celebrity Valentines Day weddings over the years. 

In 1984 Elton John and Renate Blauel married in Sydney, Australia.

In 1991 Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid tied the knot. 

In the city of love Paris, Salma Hayek and Francois- Henri Pinault married in 2009.

Most recently in 2018 Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer married in Malibu. 

Valentines is not all about the romance for Robin Givens and Mike Tyson or Prince and Mayte Garcia as they were granted divorce on this day. 

No matter how you are spending your Valentines Day I hope you enjoy it. 

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Valentines Day Gift Guide 2020

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Love image
If you are looking for some gift inspiration this Valentines Day then check out our Valentines Day Gift Guide.
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How To Find Love | AD

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Disclosure - this is a paid post

a couple standing in front of the disney castle
John and I have been together for almost 20 years now and will be celebrating our ten year anniversary next year and whilst I don’t think we will need any dating advice soon, some of our friends relationships didn’t work out and they have had to go and find love again. Here are some ideas on How to Find Love.

More Than Just A Work Colleague
When John and I first started dating the most common way to meet someone would be at work because that is where you spend most of your time. I don't think that this ha changed at all in the last twenty years and I think it’s a good place to start when looking for a new relationship.

I met John at work and although we didn't work in the same location we met once, exchanged numbers and our relationship was just talking on the phone at first, which then led to us going on our first date.

Finding love in work does have is it advantages. You may already know the person, whether they are single, married and if they have any children. You may already be friends with them and have just not been able to take the next step due to already being in a relationship. Dating colleagues also has its disadvantages, if you have an argument or even split up there is no getting away from them as you work together. This can cause problems and can make a person want to leave their current job.

Get Online
When John and I first met we spoke on and offline for months before we actually went on a date. I knew John already so it wasn’t like an online date but nowadays it seems to be a popular choice. It’s quite easy to sign up to free dating sites such as We Love Dates. All you need to do is set up a profile, write about yourself and you’re good to go. As well as others finding you online you can also search the online dating site for a partner that takes your fancy.

Today we live in a world where everything can be done online, banking, ordering food so why not  dating too.

Challenge Yourself
If you have just come out of a relationship and are newly single you may want to find a new hobby that will not only occupy you but also give you the opportunity to meet new people and potential partners.

Sometimes when we are on our own without a partner we find new interests especially if you have just come out of a relationship. You may want to challenge yourself and do things that you would not have done before. Finding a new hobby can be anything from signing up to the gym, joining local groups, volunteering or even going on a solo holiday.

Socialise More
It’s a lot easier to meet new people if you go out socialising. Agree to meeting up with friends for lunch, dinner or a night out on the town and you never know you might just meet the partner of your dreams.

Ask your friends if they know anybody that they could introduce you to. Going on a double date is  a great way to meet someone new but also have someone there with you that you know, so it's not as frightening.

Be Yourself
The best piece of advice is just to be yourself. Do you what you want to do and you never know when love will happen, but it will and sometimes in the most unusual of ways.

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