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AD | Visiting Disneyland Paris When Pregnant

25 February 2019

Disclosure - This is a paid post in collaboration with The Iconic. 

Disneyland Paris is one of our favourite places ever. It's so magical and no matter how many times we have been, we never get bored of it. We have been during different seasons, as a couple, as a family of 3, while I have been pregnant and as a family of four. We have picked up so many tips over the years on how to get the most of your holiday but I wanted to share my thoughts on visiting Disneyland Paris when pregnant.
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Looking Back - Big J's Birth Story

14 May 2018


It was quite a surprise when I found out I was pregnant with big J. I was 21 at the time and although having children was definitely something we wanted we hadn’t been trying. Finding out I was pregnant was definitely a nice surprise and I think I ‘Grew up’ very quickly after seeing the positive on the pregnancy test. John and I had only been together a year but it felt right and we were extremely excited.
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A False Pregnancy

9 January 2017


A few months ago I was convinced I was pregnant. I think I knew in my heart I wasn't but my head convinced me otherwise. We are not trying for another baby in fact another pregnancy is definitely not something we want to go through again after everything that's happened in the past. We are completely happy and blessed to be a family of four, not forgetting our two angels in the sky.
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