Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Qwiddle - The Online Piggy Bank For Children

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I recently wrote a post about pocket money and how we should let our children manage their own pennies to help them understand the value of money. Since that post I stumbled upon Qwiddle. Qwiddle is an online piggy bank for children and even better that unlike most things nowadays its FREE.

So after reading the 'About Us" and 'How It Works' sections I was confident that this would work for big J. He does have pocket money which we give him as cash each month. Then he usually spends most of it online either buying Xbox credits or iTunes. So we then usually pay for it out of our bank or PayPal and he gives us the cash back. To save any messing around he could do it all himself via his only Paypal account thanks to Qwiddle.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Good Money Habits For Your Children

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Yesterday when I was writing my Parenting #ToddlersAndTeens post I suddenly realised big J is a teenager. He's 13 years old age and it’s scary just how quickly he has grown up. One minute he's a little boy toddling around depending on us for everything, and the next he's this person who seems to be able to live his own life and the need for us is greatly reduced.
As you will know little J is a toddler and it's hard to believe that one day he will be a teenager too. You think that day will never come, but it will it will come much sooner than you think! That’s why it’s never too early to start teaching your children good money habits and preparing them for when they head off into the big, wide world.

Big J enjoying a trip to cinema with friends, using his own pocket money.
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