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What To Expect At The Nickelodeon Experience Summer 2022

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You may have read my post recently advertising this years Nickelodeon Experience. The experience is visiting Heaton Park, Manchester until the 5th August and then onto Knebworth House from 14th Aug - 27th August. The Nickelodeon Experience promised lots of fun and activities for all ages and we were excited to visit Heaton Park on it's opening weekend. 

slime at the Nickelodeon experience
When arriving at the park The Nickelodeon Experience was clearly signposted and we were guided to the car park which was less than a minutes walk to the entrance of the experience. Tickets are timed and ours was 12pm but a queue started to form about 20 minutes before. Once we were at the front of the queue the tickets on our phones where scanned, we were given wristbands and then the children were given a free Nickelodeon branded popper which was a nice surprise. We later found these in the shop and they were priced £6.

Once you are inside you are free to roam the experience and take part in the activities. They are clearly signposted around the outskirts of the sectioned area of the park. We tried all the experiences before the great British weather took a turn and started to pour down. Luckily most of the activities are undercover so a bit of rain shouldn't spoil your day. 

henry dangers maze at the Nickelodeon experience

Push your superpowers to the limit as you brave your way through the Henry Danger Maze! But be careful, this cave is full of twists and turns, puzzles and passages and you’ll need to get through the cave unscathed - or face transportation to another dimension!

But don’t worry, Jace Norman will be on screen to give you the low down and tips on getting through! 

(For 7 - 14 years old.)

henry dangers maze at the Nickelodeon experience

This was a bit of a disappointment and as it was our first activity I was a little worried the rest would be like this. It had so much potential but it was basically just a lot of mirrors and you could clearly see the 'push bar for exit' way out as soon as you walked in. There were three buttons to find and press once inside but because it was small and open we found them in 30 seconds. However when we had finished little J instantly wanted to go in again so sometimes a grown up's perspective is so much different than the kids. 

Thundermans at the Nickelodeon experience

Be a superhero at The Thundermans' School for Superheroes!

Are you ready to save the day? The Z-Force needs you! Kira Kosarin is dialling into The Thundermans' School for Superheroes to set you the ultimate superhero challenge…to win back your superpowers that have been taken by the Dark Orb!

But hurry, you’ll need to work together in your teams and be FAST to win! 

(For 7 - 14 years old.)

Thundermans at the Nickelodeon experience

Next we did the Thunderman's School for Superheroes. We walked in to the tent and it was designed really well as a superhero camp. There were hula hoops, space hoppers and exercise bikes all positioned around the Dark Orb. The host for this activity had so much energy and was really great with the kids. She encouraged them to work out puzzles before finding a piece of equipment which they needed to use to try and become superheroes. All the children were engaged and played along and it was definitely an improvement on the previous activity.

Hunter street escape room at the Nickelodeon experience

Can you unlock the mysteries of the missing painting at Hunter Street’s very own museum?
As soon as the door locks – the countdown begins! Work together with your super-star friends to solve the clues and see if your team can unlock our escape room... 

( For 7 - 14 years old.)

Hunter street escape room at the Nickelodeon experience

This was brilliant! As big fans of Escape Rooms I was hoping this activity would be good and it really was. Only 7 families can enter the escape room at a time and it takes about 20 minutes in total so this activity did have a constant queue but it was worth it. Each family was given a clue sheet and a wipe clean board to write on. We were taken in to the Escape Room and the two hosts explained what we had to do. No spoilers here but if you are a fan of Escape Rooms and puzzles you will enjoy it. 

Turtles lair at the Nickelodeon experience

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live underground?

There's a subterranean adventure to be had in The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ lair! Head underground, crawl through the maze and play the interactive TMNT based games.

(Suitable for all ages.)

This was a set of tunnels which the children could crawl through at their own pace. Little J did go in however was out after a minute or two and ready to try another activity. 

digging for treasure

Set sail on an adventure aboard a giant pirate ship with Santiago of the Seas!

Your little ones can play around in this interactive world and uncover hidden treasure in a sandy paradise! 

(Recommended for 2-6 years old.)

Just before we headed to this activity the rain started so lots of people gathered under this tent including us. There were lots of treasure chests filled with sand and posters dotted around that encouraged the children to look for hidden treasure. 

barrels of slime

It’s time to get SLIMED… The ultimate Nickelodeon honour!
Join other privileged VIPs and experience real-life Nickelodeon slime just like the superstars before you. Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, David Beckham and Sir Andy Murray are all part of this elite club – and now it’s your turn!

Kids 7 and under will also be able to take part in the fun with our slime confetti simulator. 

(Suitable for all ages.)

Both John and Little J had a go at the Slime Time Party. They were given a poncho before they entered the Slime zone. 

Then you need to come on down to Adventure Bay!

There’s lots of fun to be had, as well as an opportunity to meet everyone’s favourite PAW Patrol Pups, Chase & Marshall.

PAW Patrol is on a roll... 

(Recommended for 2-6 years old.)

Little J didn't want to see the characters however there were lots of little ones very excited to meet the Paw Patrol pups. 

bikini bottom

Completing The Nickelodeon Experience is hungry work! With plenty of delicious street food options to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice…

During your visit, make sure you join us at Bikini Bottom Beach, a central zone for the whole family to spend time, relax and grab a bite.

There will be plenty of hot and cold food and drink on offer, as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. 

(Suitable for all ages, even the grown ups!)

We didn't use this area as the rain was just so bad at the time and we couldn't sit in the deckchairs however on a sunny day this would have been great. The deckchairs were all facing a huge TV screen showing Nickelodeon shows. 

The event is on grass so I would recommend sensible shoes and be prepared for all weathers. There were plenty of toilets, seating area both underneath a canopy tent and also the deckchairs. There were queues for food but you would expect that at this type of event. There is no hard sell to buy toys, light ups etc, there is just one shop by the exit although I think it can be avoided if you didn't want to visit.

Overall we all enjoyed The Nickelodeon Experience. The activities little J enjoyed most were Henry Dangers Maze, The Thunderman's Superhero Camp and The Hunter Street Escape Room. He did every activity once except for the maze which he did twice. After a look in the shop at the exit we left after being there for about 90 minutes. I think the rain did shorten our visit however we did everything and it was a really good experience. 

The Nickelodeon Experience will provide lots of fun for the kids this Summer. You can head over to The Nickelodeon Experience for more details and to book tickets.

Will you be heading to The Nickelodeon Experience during the Summer holidays? Leave us a comment below and let us know.  

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Nickelodeon Slimefest 2016 - Blackpool

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On a wet and windy Saturday we headed up the M6 to Blackpool for the 1st ever Uk Slimefest. I had googled Slimefest and it looked so much fun so I knew both big and little J would love it. The event was part of the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On.
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Nickelodeon Slimefest 2016 Comes To Blackpool

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Nickelodeon supremoes Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely will take to the stage to host the UK’s first SLIMEFEST. Tickets are now on sale for the live shows which will include a spectacular performance from Britain’s Got Talent-winning dance troupe Diversity, created exclusively for SLIMEFEST by Ashley Banjo. Launched in Australia in 2012, Nickelodeon’s SLIMEFEST is a family music festival made especially for kids, featuring headline talent, DJs and a showground festival. The UK edition of SLIMEFEST will be an immersive music and entertainment festival focusing on kids aged four to 15. Featuring costume character appearances, hands-on activities, games and music, SLIMEFEST will run across 3rd and 4th September in Blackpool.
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