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60 Seconds Workout With Legmaster Total Body

Disclosure - We were sent the product below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are ours unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

Recently I have started to look at my overall fitness after spending lots of time at home over the past twelve months. I've not been as active as I usually would be and I really want to spend the rest of this year getting my health and fitness back on track. With juggling work, looking after the kids and being a football Mum, I don't always have a lot of time to work out but I knew I needed to start pencilling in some 'me' time to concentrate on my goals for the rest of this year. 
woman standing on leg master

leg master

As well as eating more healthily, drinking water and heading out for walks as much as I can, I have also been using the Leg Master Total Body. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am impressed with how easy it is to plan it in to my day. 

The Leg Master Total Body promises a full body workout in 60 seconds and is simple to set up and use. The Leg Master has two places for each foot and once your feet are in position you are ready to start. 

woman standing on leg master

All your body weight is now on the two platforms for your feet. You have to manoeuvre your body to glide both your feet in to the middle. As you glide your feet in and out you are actually using over 200 muscles. 

Although it sounds simple I didn't find it easy at first. I struggled to move both legs at the same time in to the middle. I found my right was stronger than my left but I continued to use the Leg Master and now I can glide my feet simultaneously in and out using the flexible handle bar for that added support and balance. 

woman standing on leg master

As well as providing a full body workout the Leg Master does have lots of other health benefits and for me improving my pelvic floor muscle. It’s common for women to experience incontinence and pelvic floor problems after childbirth, but I recently read that new research has found that older women who sit for too long are also at risk. The study, which looked at a group of 495 over-60s, found that those with bladder problems were seated up to 19 per cent longer than others. They are now urging women to sit less and follow simple techniques to fix bladder problems rather than reaching for incontinence pads first. 

I know a lot more people are working from home at the moment, and although I'm not in that age bracket it definitely gave me a reminder to move more and the Leg Master has definitely helped. 

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