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Kids Stuff Crazy | Giveaway

Disclosure - We were gifted Kids Stuff Crazy and also another set to giveaway.

Kids Stuff Crazy have been making bath time more fun and exciting for children for 20 years. They have a range of products that help transform a boring bath routine into something stimulating and creative. All Kids Stuff products are mild, gentle, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and made in the UK. I have mentioned before that little J has very sensitive skin so trying new products is always a nervous time for us in case he has a bad reaction however he has been absolutely fine with the Kids Stuff range.

boy using Kids Stuff Crazy foam soap

Trying to find ways to make bath time more fun for little J was actually a lot easier than I thought and I managed to use items that we already had lying around rather than rushing out to buy stuff. I did however stumble across Kids Stuff Crazy and little J has had lots of fun playing with their crazy foaming soap which he can shape and mould. It's great for sensory play too outside of the bath if you have a tuff tray or something similar.

We have also been using the Kids Stuff Crazy Magical Sparkling Bubble Bath. The Bubble Bath adds a shimmer of glitter to the water within creates lots of bubbles. It smells like purple grape too which smells amazing.

I was keen to try out the hair and body wash as some brands we have used in the past have left little J's hair with a sticky feel but the hair wash rinsed out well and he smelt good enough to eat afterwards.

kids stuff crazy

kids stuff crazy

kids stuff crazy

Unfortunately our giveaway is now closed but you can still enjoy Kids Stuff Crazy by purchasing on Amazon

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Ways To Make Bath Time More Fun

Disclosure - We were sent a selection of Kids Stuff Crazy products which have been included below and this post also mentions products previously gifted and contains affiliate links. 

boy in the bath smelling soap

I'm not sure whether it's a boy thing or just a little J thing but recently having a bath has been a no go area for little J. He has started to prefer just to jump in and out of the shower. Firstly I am grateful that he actually wants to get a wash but I do like him to have a bath at least once or twice a week as not only is it nice to have a soak but it's relaxing and sometimes he needs that 'calm down' just before bed. Apparently bath times are boring when you are a seven year old so we have decided to come up with ways to make bath time more fun again. 

boy holding up a ball in the bath

Water Basketball

It's not actually a basketball and a hoop, it's a small ball and a jug but little J loves trying to score points throwing the ball in to the jug. We pretend he is in a fairground and he can win 'pretend prizes'.

Making Potions

Using empty and clean toiletry bottles little J enjoys making potions. I will let him squirt a few drops of different body washes (the more colourful the better) in to the bottles and then he fills them up with water and mixes the colours. 

Slime Bath

Creating a gooey bath is so much fun. We use Gelli Bath products. They come in a variety of colours and textures such as slime or gelli. They are really fun and it just adds a little bit of fun to bath time. 

Hide and Seek

When the bath is full of bubbles we will drop in a few of small items while he has his eyes closed. He then has to keep his eyes closed and use his hands to feel for items and try and guess what he has found.

boy squeezing shaping foam soap

Sensory Play

Adding textures and smells to bath time can really help relax a child. We have been using Kids Stuff Crazy soap and not only does it smell amazing (especially purple grape) but the soap can actually be moulded and shaped to add to the fun. 

Music Time

Whether it's chill out music or the latest pop songs adding music to our bath time routine has definitely helped get him in the tub. 

Extra Screen Time

We bought a very cheap tray that goes across the bath. It was actually meant for me but sometimes little J will use it to finish off a you tube video he has been watching. It's a great way to get a resilient child in to the tub by offering an extra ten minutes of screen time.

Hopefully these ideas will help make bath time more exciting for your little one and if you have any different ideas we would love to hear them so pop them in the comments below. 

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