How to Motivate Your Child To Do Their Homework
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How to Motivate Your Child To Do Their Homework | AD

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It can be a battle for parents to motivate their children to do their homework; but homework doesn’t always have to cause a war at home! In fact, there are lots of ways you can make homework feel fun and less of a chore. Follow these helpful tips from a Nursery & Pre-Prep School in Romsey to help motivate your child to do their homework.

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Make A Routine
As parents, we understand the importance of helping children to develop a routine. That applies to homework, too. Teachers recommend that children should try and do their homework at the same time, in the same place and on a regular basis, so that starting homework becomes a part of their daily routine.

Create A Desk Space
To help motivate your child to learn, you could create a special desk space for homework, reading or art and crafts. Add some storage, new stationary and books to make the idea of homework seem much more organised and fun. You could even stick some educational posters to the wall and decorate the area in your child’s favourite theme.

Learn With Your Child
You could try sharing homework time with your son or daughter. Sit together in the same space as your child while they complete their homework and use the time to enjoy a favourite creative hobby or take an online learning class. This will not only mean that you are close by if they need your help, but it will also make homework time feel special.

Visit A Museum
If your child is studying a particular topic at school, you could help to make their homework more exciting by organising an educational day out to a museum. Museums allow children to engage more in what they are learning about. Furthermore, a fun family day out will create many lasting memories.

Show Your Support
It is important for parents to remember that the more supported a child feels at home, the better they will perform at school. Help your child to value their education by taking an interest in what they are learning about. Ask questions about their school topics and show your support by helping to gather information for their homework. 

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Finally, don’t forget to make time for fun family activities when they have completed their homework! Rewarding your children with a much-needed break from their studies will help them to do better academically in the long run.

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