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Hocus Pocus 2 - Perfect Movie For Halloween

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It's been over 29 years almost down to the day, but the witches are back, and there's hell to pay. Your wretched little lives have all been cursed because of all the witches working, they're the worst. They'll put and a spell on you and you will be glad they did. Hocus Pocus 2 debuted on 30th September 22 on Disney+ and it was definitely worth the wait. It's definitely the perfect movie for Halloween. 

Hocus pocus party

Hocus Pocus 2 is set in Salem, 29 years after the first movie. It's All Hallows Eve and Salem is as busy as ever with a Halloween festival taking place that evening. It's also Beccas 16th birthday and along with her friend Izzy they do like to dabble in a little bit of witchcraft.  Gilbert the owner of the magic shop gives his regular customer Becca a gift to help her celebrate. As Becca and Izzy head to the forbidden woods their friend Cassie (the mayors daughter) is hosting a party without their fathers permission. 

What looked like an innocent candle was actually 'the black flame candle' and once lit Becca and Izzy brought back The Sanderson Sisters, Mary, Sarah and Winnifred. Will this be The Sanderson Sisters last attempt of gaining eternal youth and immortality and if they do, at what cost?

I am always a little nervous when movies such as Hocus Pocus announce a sequel. Hocus Pocus is such an iconic popular movie even after almost three decades. It's our go to movie for Halloween and I wasn't sure if Hocus Pocus 2 would live up to the original. One thing I was excited about was that it was the original cast. I don't think anyone could replace Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler, and they probably wouldn't want to. Imagine trying to fill those shoes!

Before we watched it there were already some reviews popping up on line and seeing 2/5, 'far from bewitching' and a rotten tomatoes score of 61% I was even more nervous. We had all agreed to watch it together as a family. I had prepared a cinema at home evening which the boys love and I really wanted it to be good and for us all not to be disappointed. We weren't. We all loved it. It's such a great movie for Halloween with a decent storyline and an ending that was just everything and more. We laughed and I cried and I'm so glad Kathy, Sarah and Bette agreed to return as The Sanderson Sisters.

Did you watch Hocus Pocus 2? What did you think?  Leave us a comment below and let us know.


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