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Facts About Female Fertility | AD

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One of the first questions I get asked when I talk about the boys is "That is a big age gap." It is a huge gap, 11 years to be exact however not everyone is fortunate enough to fall pregnant as soon as they start trying. We were lucky with big J, the pregnancy happened naturally but after having him we then faced 11 years of trying before we finally had a healthy baby in our arms. 

a woman walking through a puddle
Fertility is a vastly complicated aspect of human anatomy and unfortunately often considered quite a taboo subject. For that reason, young people aren’t really taught enough about fertility when they’re in school and therefore don’t know how to maximise their chances of a successful pregnancy in the future. After all, the way we treat our bodies can determine whether or not we are able to conceive a child, especially by natural means. I have teamed up with an IVF fertility clinic in London to share four fantastic facts about female fertility to help us girls understand what’s actually going on inside our bodies and help us prepare for pregnancy, either now or in the future. 

A Woman Loses 3000-5000 Eggs Per Menstrual Cycle
When a female baby is born, she has the most eggs she’ll ever have; around 1-2 million! Eventually, this egg reserve runs out as a woman loses many of them during each menstrual cycle. Once a woman is around the age of 35, her fertility rapidly declines, which makes it a lot more challenging to conceive a baby naturally. Many women choose to freeze their eggs when they’re still young to preserve their fertility, so that they can have a baby in the future, when they feel more prepared. A man’s fertility also declines as he ages, as their sperm loses its quality. In fact, around 30% of infertility cases are due to the male party. 

BMI Can Affect A Woman’s Chances of Conceiving
BMI either underweight or overweight can prevent you from conceiving. For example, extreme exercise and dieting can prevent a woman’s menstrual cycle and therefore make it impossible to get pregnant. Eating fatty foods can lead to high blood pressure and other diseases, like diabetes, which can make conception difficult. You should try and aim for a healthy BMI of anything between 18.5 and 24.9. 

Some STIs Can Lead To Infertility
Gonorrhoea and chlamydia are the two most common sexually transmitted infections in the UK. Cases that are left untreated can cause various other problems, including infertility in both men and women. For instance, chlamydia can leave scarring in the fallopian tubes which prevents the egg from travelling to the womb. If this has happened to you, you might want to consider IVF, as it essentially bypasses the need for viable fallopian tubes. 

Smoking During Pregnancy Can Cause Harm To The Baby
There are lots of potential health risks associated with smoking while pregnant. In fact, it can even cause fertility issues for the child when they grow up. Other issues are things like low birth weight, preterm birth and defects of the mouth and lip. If you need help with quitting smoking, don’t hesitate to contact your GP. 

When I was younger I just assumed I would grow up and have babies whenever I was ready but as we know this just isn't the way it works. Understanding your body and making small lifestyle changes can really help. 

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What To Expect When Having A Covid19 Test

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So we managed seven days back at school before we received a phone call to say little J had been coughing in class and that we needed to pick him up. Little J seemed fine in himself however he was coughing. We had two choices. We could try and get a Covid19 test to rule out Covid, or we would all self isolate for 10 days and hope he improved during that time. Luckily we managed to get a test the next morning and received our results the morning after confirming a  negative result. 

We were all quite nervous getting the test as we didn't know what to expect but it all went well so I thought I would share what to expect when having a Covid19 test. 

When Should You Book A Test
If you have coronavirus symptoms, you need to get a test done as soon as possible. Ideally you need to get the test done in the first 5 days of having symptoms for the test to be most accurate. 

The main symptoms of Covid19 are a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Booking A Test
Trying to get a test is proving quite difficult at the moment depending on where you live. You need to visit the website to book a covid19 test. You need to be prepared to answer lots of questions and once completed you will be offered a choice of walk in or drive through test centres. Most tests are available from 8am-12:30pm.

After Booking Your Test
You will be emailed and also sent a text to confirm your test details. You will need to bring the QR code and photo ID with you when you arrive at the test centre. 

Arriving At The Drive Through Test Centre
When you arrive at the test centre you stay in your car and leave your windows closed. You will be asked to confirm your identity by showing your QR code, photo ID or text message. They will also check your car registration.  Once your identity has been checked you will be shown where to go. 

Staff will be there to show you which way to go. We reached a cabin and a man told us to wind down our window just enough for him to slide through the grey plastic bags. Each bag was open with contents inside, numbered with a bar code and receipt attached. We were told to keep the contents inside the bag until instructed to open. 
We joined the queue of cars and waited to enter a numbered tent which we drove in to once it was our turn. 

A staff member approached our car window and confirmed our names and checked our car registration again. He told us we would be performing the Covid19 test ourselves and that he would give us instructions on how to perform the test on adults and then on children.

Performing The Test
Once you are ready to perform the test you open up your plastic bag. 

Inside is a tissue and some anti bacterial hand gel. You must blow your nose before the test and use the hand gel provided to clean your hands afterwards. 

Next you will open up the swab. At our test centre we were told to swab each of our tonsils for 5 seconds each and then use the same swab up one nostril for 10 seconds. This seems to vary at test centres. 

Swabbing the back of the throat isn't a nice experience especially if you have a strong gag reflex but if you can try and not let the swab touch your tongue. 

Once you are ready choose one nostril and push the swab as far up as you can until you feel some resistance. 

Once finished remove the swab and place in the liquid filled tube inside the bag. The swab is to big for the tube so you have to snap it at the line on the stick. 

Ensure the lid is placed on the tube tightly and wrap in the soft pad provided and place in the clear bag.

All your rubbish goes in to the grey plastic bag just make sure you remove your receipt beforehand that is attached to the bag. 

If a child is to be tested and is under 11 you will need to do the test for them. The process is exactly the same however we did not swab the back of the throat inside we had to swab both nostrils for 10 seconds each. It was harder to gauge when the swab was high enough but I just used my own judgment and also the look on little J's face. 

Thats it. You are done and the member of staff will scan the bar codes on the bags and link them to your name. They will do this through the window. 

You then drive to another tent where you will place your swabs in one bucket and rubbish in the next. 

What Happens Next?
Most test results will be delivered via text and email within 24hours however you should allow up to 72hours. 

Everyone in the household should isolate until the results have been received. 

Once you receive your results you must follow the appropriate guidelines based on the outcome of the test. 

The experience wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and it's so important to get tested if you have symptoms. It can save lives. 

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Tips On How To Keep Your Teeth Looking Clean and Healthy

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Disclosure - This is a paid post and contains gifted products however the idea for this post, opinions and photographs are our own. 

toothbrushes and toothpaste
As a family we all know how important it is to look after our teeth. We have always brushed our teeth at least twice a day and teeth brushing is a huge part of our morning and our bedtime routine. As the boys get older we have made sure that they understand that whilst brushing their teeth is important there are other ways to keep their teeth healthy and looking clean. Here are our top tips on how to keep your teeth looking clean and healthy.

Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice A Day
It is really important to brush your teeth before bedtime and at least once more throughout the day. Brushing your teeth before bed helps to prevent plaque build up and tooth decay. 

It is recommended that anyone over the age of 12 should floss daily to help remove any plaque build up or food that has been stuck in-between their gums.

iPhone and toothbrush

Make It Fun
If little ones don't like to brush their teeth you can make it more fun by playing a song while they brush, or buying a character branded toothbrush or toothpaste. We use a 2 minute song that we play while we are brushing.

Eat A Healthy Diet
Whenever you eat or drink you are at a risk of tooth decay however eating a balanced diet which includes fruit and vegetables can help to keep your teeth healthy.

Choose Your Drinks Carefully
Sugary drinks can be harmful to your teeth and can cause tooth decay. If you choose to have a sugary drink then it is best to enjoy these at mealtimes.

Also certain drinks such as tea and coffee can stain your teeth so it is important to visit your hygienist  who can clean your teeth to help prevent staining. You can also choose products to use at home that can help whiten your teeth. We use Colgate Max White which is enamel safe and can be used daily. It is whitening product that boasts removing up to 100% of surface stains.


Change Your Toothbrush
It is recommended that you change your toothbrush at least once every 3-4 months. We have just changed our toothbrushes recently and you can instantly notice the difference.

Visit Your Dentist
Visiting your dentist every 6 months for a checkup is so important. It allows the dentist to check not only your teeth, but your gums too.

Looking after your teeth is not only important for your health, but can make you feel more confident in yourself.


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How To Protect Yourself From Illness When You Are Self Employed | AD

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a woman wearing a yellow jacket walking through puddle.
I have lots of friends who are self employed and this time of year can be tough on them when there are so many winter illnesses going round. When you are self employed it's hard to take time off and also the loss of pay can cause financial worry. Since I started blogging I have found lots of tips along the way on how to protect yourself from illness when you are self employed.

Work From Home As Much As You Can
If your job allows it is so much better to work from home and avoid contact with people who may be suffering from a cold or virus. Viruses are much more likely to be caught whilst travelling on public transport or working at the office so working from home is a much better choice. If you don't have the luxury of working from home then when you see or hear someone coughing or sneezing a lot, just move away.

Open The Windows
Even on cold days I love opening all the windows and letting fresh air blow through the house. Obviously when it's cold it feels much better to have the fire or heating on but hot air in the home can actually make you feel worse. It can aggravate sore throats as the air becomes very dry. If you don't fancy opening your windows and would rather have the heating on, buy a humidifier.

A tap showing running water
Wash Your Hands
Washing your hands is so important and you shouldn't just wash them after you have used the bathroom you should try and get in to the habit of washing them more often. If you are touching anything that other people have used then you will have germs on your hands. Washing your hands with soap and warm/hot water you can prevent the germs from spreading.

Stay Hydrated
Drinking water throughout the day is a great way to flush out any toxins in your body and is also a good way to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking hot liquids such as tea, warm water and even soup can help loosen any congestion.

Take A Walk
Taking a walk in the fresh air is great for the lungs and also a way to help boost your immune system. You may not fancy heading out in the colder months but wrap up warm and you will feel better out in the fresh air rather than stuck at home.

Boost Your Vitamin D
We spend more time indoors during the colder months plus we have less sunshine so it can be easy to miss it. Eating tuna, mackerel, salmon, beef, cheese and eggs is a great way to top up your Vitamin D which can help keep coughs and colds at bay.

A ColdZyme Bottle
Look Out For The Signs
Sometimes we wake up and the cold or bug has hit us during the night without us knowing but other times we can try and look out for signs. If your throat is starting to feels scratchy or your chest feels a little tight you could be on your way to getting a cold. There are things we can do at this point to help shorten the length of the cold.

Using Coldzyme is a great way to help shorten the length of your cold if you have symptoms but it can also prevent it too especially if you can't get sick because you have an important meeting coming up, a trip or special event.

ColdZyme works by coating the lining of the mucous membrane, creating a protective barrier. the barrier acts osmotically on the cold viruses, trapping them and preventing them from binding with human cells, helping the body to remove them naturally.

Using the mouth spray is really easy all you need to do is aim the nozzle of your spray to towards your throat and press twice for two puffs. You do this every second hour up to six times daily. If you are not showing signs of a cold yet but have been exposed to someone who has one you can use the spray during that time. If you already have a cold you can continue to use until your symptoms are relieved.


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Pernaton Gel | Review

Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links - purchasing an item through an affiliate link adds no extra cost to you but might earn me a few pennies. 

Pernaton Gel
It's fair to say that I am not getting any younger and sometimes at the end of the day my body aches all over. I have no idea why but usually a hot bath will sort me out. Recently I discovered Pernaton Gel which is a perfect natural relief for muscle and joint related problems.

Pernaton is a natural product available in two care gels for daily external application. Pernaton Gel is formulated to help relieve the aches and pains of everyday life and Pernaton Gel Forte can provide relief from aching muscles. It is suitable for those with medical conditions which result in sore or aching muscles and joints. Pernaton Gel Forte is ideal for aching muscles following sport or exercise, when massaged into the skin it has been found to aid training recovery.

I have teamed up with Pernaton to give two lucky readers and followers of Playdays and Runways to try the gel for themselves in our latest giveaway. 

Our Giveaway may be closed but you can still own Pernaton just head over to Amazon to buy. 


Competition closes on Sunday 22nd March 2020
Entrants must have a valid UK address. 
Bulk, third party or any other entries using automated software will be disqualified. 
All entrants and entries are checked and verified. 
2 lucky winners will be chosen at random by the Gleam application. 
Playdays and Runways will contact the lucky winners within 7 days of the competition closing. 
The winners will be emailed to the email address given at the time of entering. 
The winners will not be announced on my blog or social media until they have agreed that their name can be displayed. 
The winners must respond within 28 days, if no response a new winner will be chosen. 
This prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative 
The Prize : 40ml Pernaton Gel
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