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Visiting Goin Golf, Stoke on Trent

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Disclosure - We were invited to Goin' Golf for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Goin' Golf is a new virtual golf experience that has recently opened in Stoke On Trent. It is the biggest golf simulator experience in the UK with seven individual bays that you can book for the length of time that suits you.

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

When you play on a simulator at Goin' Golf you can choose to bring your own clubs, or borrow a set to use for your round. Goin' Golf supply the balls, which are all good quality brands that you may use yourself. If you have a spare hour you can actually get a full round of 18 holes in, on a course of your choice from over 190 available.  There are many reasons why you might want to play golf indoors - No need to walk the length of the course and you wont get stuck behind a group of slower players. There is also no adverse weather conditions to worry about either which means you will always get your full round in no matter how bad the rain outside may be. 

We chose to borrow a set of clubs from the centre as we didn't have my clubs with us at the time we visited. All clubs looked new and all had been cleaned before use. For the three of us playing we actually were given 3 sets - one mans, one ladies and one children's set which I didn't expect at all. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent
Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

We had the choice to play on one of the many courses, or play some of the arcade games available. We started with the arcade games and played both block breaker and darts. These are brilliant games for younger players and although Little J hasn't played golf before he loved the games and didn't want to come off them! While we played we got drinks, the menu lists everything available. We got a Latte, Pepsi Max and a Skittles Milkshake which went down very well!  Each simulator has its own sitting area where you can relax whilst waiting your turn or just take some time out for a drink. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent
After we played the arcade games it was on to Pebble Beach to try the course out. You could choose your tee height, and use a large controller on the floor to move your angle of aim before taking your shot.  The simulator is intelligent and knows when the ball should be on the tee and when it should be on the floor. Once you have set your shot up you just need to pick your club and away you go.  

Initially I found the fact that I was indoors a bit different.  My swing was shortened and a little rushed as I thought I might hit the ceiling or maybe hit the ball too hard at the screen in front. After a few shots I was able to relax and play as I would outside. You soon get used to the space you have available - which is plenty and the ball always drops down from the screen once hit to be returned into the machine. 

The accuracy of the simulator seemed spot on. I have a natural slice to my driving which was unfortunately replicated on the simulator! Putting was a little difficult to get used to but again after a few holes you get the hang of it. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

Once we finished we went to have a look around the building which is really impressive. The owner really loves his golf and that is evident from the decoration and the time that has gone into setting Goin' Golf up. There are some lovely pictures of golfing greats, an enormous upstairs putting green, and 2 VIP rooms where the simulator will actually replicate the lie of the ball as on a real course, whether that be on an angle or in sand or rough. The toilets where very clean and easy to access. 

Goin' Golf, Stoke on Trent

We really enjoyed our time at Goin' Golf and it was fun for us all. You can join up as a member to receive discounts on future visits which we have done.  

For more information and to book visit Goin' Golf

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