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How To Keep The Kids Happy In The Garden

I've never been one of those people that enjoy gardening or even sitting out in the garden but last year I found myself out there with little J more than I would have expected. Like his brother he loves the garden and just being out in the fresh air. We haven't really got a big garden but its always suited our needs and little J is usually out there at least once a day at the moment.

I still not 100% comfortable being in the garden but I am trying. I don't like bugs, spiders, bees, wasps or any other crawlies. So I have found it hard that little J loves being outside so much. I love sitting watching him play and will join in as much as I can. I even got on the trampoline with him this week which is a first. I did notice a bug on the net but I just ignored it. So while I'm still getting used to overcoming my fear and to help keep him busy and entertained there are a few things we have bought although he is just as happy mooching around, picking up stones and even chilling on the chairs.

The main thing we needed was a new Trampoline. Our old one has been in the garden for years and big J would play on it all the time. It was old and worn and definitely past it. We did put little J on the old trampoline just to see if he liked it before we bought a new one and he did. He absolutely loves bouncing, playing with a ball or messing around with big J.
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