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Crawlerz Romper Review

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Disclosure -  I was sent this product for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

crawlerz romper suit
Even though little J is 11 months old he hasn't really made much attempt in trying to crawl. We have tried everything to encourage him but it seems as soon as he starts to get onto his knees he slips back down to the lying position. I visited the Crawlerz Website and I really loved the idea so when I was given the chance to review a Crawlerz romper suit I jumped at the chance.

crawlerz romper suit
As soon as little J's Crawlerz Romper arrived I was really impressed with the quality and I instantly thought this is going to keep little J warm while he's rolling around on our wooden floor. The paw prints are so cute too.

baby crawling
When I put the Crawlerz Romper on little J it was a lovely fit and he looked so cute in it. He rolled over to his usual lying on the tummy position and lifted to his knees. The Anti Slip grip definitely helped with little J's ability to stay up on his knees for slightly longer than usual. I was really shocked just how much grip it gave him.

baby playing
Although the Crawlerz romper is designed to help with development it is also just a lovely playsuit.
 Little J seemed to like his new suit and the confidence it gave him. He definitely was more mobile.

baby crawling
A few days later I tried it on him again and I could honestly see the difference in his confidence compared to his other suits.

Information on Crawlerz

Crawlerz is a brand new concept in Baby Clothing and are designed to actively encourage your child to crawl. Our Patent Pending Anti-Slip Grip will give your child the added help needed to promote their development. 

Available in a Range of Funky Styles for ages 3-6, 6- 9 and 9-12 months.

Why Crawlerz

Designed to actively encourage your child to crawl.
Incorporated Anti-Slip Safety Grip
Safe & Fun all in one.
Comprehensive Range
Designed to aid your Child's Development

I would definitely recommend Crawlerz to any parent especially if your little one is struggling to get around. You can buy a Crawlerz Romper by visiting Amazon.

They come in a choice of colours blue, pink and are currently priced at £7.99 each.

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