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Saturday Morning Visit To Mini Moose Land At Chill Factore


Having two boys with a large age gap it can be difficult to plan days out that they both will enjoy. It has been a chore in the past as you want them to both have a great time but luckily for us we have one attraction close by that they both love. You may have seen my previous posts on Chill Factore and how much the boys enjoy visiting. The Chill Factore is an indoor ski and snowboarding centre and is home to the UK's longest indoor ski slope. They also have a fabulous Arctic Playground just for under 4's called Mini Moose Land which is perfect for little J. We were invited to pop along recently and have 1 hour of Mini Moose Land fun.
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Family Snow Park Pass to Chill Factoré Giveaway

Big J and I were so jealous when Daddy and little J got the chance to visit the new Mini Moose Adventure Playground recently at Chill Factoré. It looked so much fun and I know little J had a great time. We have been looking at all going together soon and I was checking out the website when I came across the Snow Park Pass.

The Snow Park Pass allows you to visit the Snow Park and experience a range of snow activities. They all look very exciting plus this Summer they have introduced a new Snow Luge.  The Snow Luge is built entirely from real snow and you can take on the twists and turns as you race to the bottom.  

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Mini Moose Arctic Adventure Playground at Chill Factore

Last week we were invited to Mini Moose Arctic Adventure Playground at Chill Factore. The play area which is suitable for children under 4 is a new addition to the Snow Park. Big J and I would have loved to attend but unfortunately we couldn't so it was just Daddy and Little J. They look and sound like they had amazing time so I will hand over to Daddy to tell you all about it.

We arrived a little earlier than we expected as the m62 was really clear.  Little J hadn't eaten his breakfast so I was glad to find a nice Costa in the Chill Factore building, where we sat and had some toast and a nice drink.
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