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Autumn Bucket List To Do With The Kids

Autumn is here and half term will soon creep up too. If you are looking for fun things to do with the kids this Autumn then check out our list. 

Things to do with the kids in Autumn

1. Go For An Autumn Walk - Put on your knitted jumper and your wellies and head out to your local park or woods.

2.  Go On A Scavenger Hunt - See What Autumn Items You Can Find.

3. Jump In Puddles - Easy to do but lots of fun.

4. Jump In Leaves - Find a pile of leaves and see if you can make them blow up in to the air. 

5. Collect Leaves, Conkers and Pinecones - How many of each can you find?

6. Spot A Squirrel - They all be on the hunt for food so make sure you look both high and low.

7. Create A Leaf Rubbing - Pop a leaf under a piece of paper and rub with a crayon.

8. Play Conkers - Who will be crowned conker champion 2021.

9. Make Hedgehog Pinecones - Fun and easy.

10. Paint With Conkers - put out a large piece of paper, dip your conker in paint and roll.

11. Paint With Leaves - smother your leaf in paint and print on paper.

12. Make A Leaf Garland - dry out your leaves and make small holes, thread with string and hang.

13. Fly A Kite -  No better time to fly a kite than in the Autumn wind.

14. Go For A Bike Ride - It's the perfect weather to ride your bike. 

15. Visit A Farm - Go see some of the animals before they close for Winter.

16. Plan An Autumn Picnic - Flasks of soup, crusty rolls and a big picnic blanket. 

17. Star Gazing - On a clear night you can see thousands of stars. 

18. Visit A Pumpkin Patch - Most patches are open already ready for you to pick a pumpkin.

19. Visit A Corn Maze - The best thing about visiting a maze is getting lost. 

20. Paint With Autumn Vegetables - Chop up carrots, potatoes and turnip to make some vegetable printing pictures. 

21. Make A Bird Feeder -  You just need a kitchen roll, lard and seeds. 

22. Make Cinnamon Playdough - Great to keep little hands busy and smells amazing.

23. Host A Movie Night - Bring down the duvets, light the candles and get the popcorn ready. 

24. Create An Autumn Playlist - Get in the Autumn mood with songs perfect for the season.

25. Read Autumn Stories - Check out our recommendations of bedtime stories perfect for Autumn.

26. Roast Marshmallows - pop them between digestive biscuits to make s'mores.

27. Drink Hot Chocolate - the perfect drink for cold evenings. 

28. Have Cinnamon Rolls For Breakfast - Just-rol are delicious. 

29. Bake An Apple Pie - or my favourite Apple Crumble.

30. Make Pumpkin Soup - A lunchtime treat.

31. Make A Pumpkin Pie - bake some for family and friends too.

32. Donate To The Harvest Festival or Food Bank - So important especially this time of year. 

33. Carve A Pumpkin - Prizes for the best design.

34. Bob For Apples - The kids might not want to eat them but the may want the pennies inside. 

35. Buy or Make A Halloween Costume - Who will you dress us as this year?

36. Host A Halloween Party - Decorate your home and garden with scary decorations and spooky treats.

37. Attend A Halloween Event or Party - Great to get you in the Halloween mood. 

38. Make a Spooky Playlist - Choose a selection of songs from Monster Mash to Ghostbusters.

39. Tell Spooky Stories - Turn out the lights, light the candles and see who can tell the scariest tale.

40. Make A Scarecrow - If you are clearing out your wardrobe ready for your Autumn clothes save some for Scarecrow. 

41. Go Trick Or Treating - Look out for decorated houses and see how many treats you can get. 

42. Go See A Bonfire - A planned bonfire and firework are the best for keeping safe. 

things to do with the kids in Autumn
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Our Post Lockdown Travel Bucket List

post lockdown travel bucket list

I first published this post last year during the first lockdown and I remember writing it with lots of hope that in 2021 our travel diaries would be jam packed full of days out, weekends away and at least one trip to a Disney park booked. Unfortunately our travel plans are exactly the same as last year - zero. 

As it's just the beginning of the year we would have only normally visited local parks and beaches anyway but it's the short breaks, days out and holidays planned we are really missing out on and struggling with. 

Whilst it's rubbish that we haven't been able to travel we are safe and healthy at home and the extra time at home has been great for saving for holidays and break aways when it is safe to do so. I'm not sure what travel will look like this year but I really do hope we manage to tick off at least a few from our post lockdown travel bucket list.

Southport Pier

Southport Pier
I'm thinking we may be a little nervous travelling outside our local area for the first time so I know we will want to stay close. Some of our favourite memories as a couple, a family of three then a family of four are at Southport Pier. A nice stroll along the pier, a visit to the penny arcade and fish and chips overlooking the beach might be just what we need.

Wicker Man At Alton Towers

Alton Towers
As a theme park loving family this is what we are missing the most, a visit to Alton Towers or any of the Merlin theme parks . In between lockdowns and tiered systems in 2020 we did manage to squeeze a trip to Alton Towers Gardens and Alton Towers. Knowing what to expect when visiting Alton Towers after lockdown will really help us perpare for our next visit as is it very different. 

Season of the superheroes at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris
We are all in need of a walk down Main Street at Disneyland Paris. Seeing the castle is my favourite thing and I just cannot wait till the day we can visit again. I absolutely love Disney but after watching all the Marvel movies in chronological order in 2019 we headed to Disneyland for the Marvel event, Season of the Superheroes and we were blown away. It added a little bit extra to the trip and meeting Captain America was a highlight for us all. We have just started watching the movies again so I have everything crossed the Marvel event will go ahead in May and June and we get to visit. 

The Lake District

The Lake District
A visit to The Lakes will definitely be a must if it's safe to visit during the Summer months. We have visited many areas of the lakes over the years but our favourite is definitely Bowness on Windermere with a nice boat trip over to Ambleside. We head up to the lake district a few times a year including a big family trip each Summer staying in a cottage it's such a beautiful place. 

The Disney Castle

At the beginning of the year we got talking about visiting Disneyland in California. We have visited Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Paris so it was only natural to think about Disneyland in California. John wasn't too keen on the idea mainly due to the flight time but now I think if we ever get to travel to the USA again I think it will definitely be on our travel plans.

Unfortunately at this moment we have no idea what travel will look like in the future but we can still plan and dream that one day the world will go back to normal.

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Our 2019 Bucket List

Every year I make a bucket list full of hopes and goals and most of them we achieve but I forget to tick them off as I go along. I've wrote our 3 bucket lists out and will try and remember to come back and update them once we have achieved.
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