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Who Killed Mia? Review

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Disclosure - Who Killed Mia? was gifted to us however we were not asked to review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. This post contains affiliate links 

Over the past few years both John and I have become really interested in watching murder mysteries and crime series on TV. It's not something we have ever been in to before however since watching a program on Netflix it now suggests other shows and we have been hooked. Another interest that's popped up is games. We love Escape Room type games and we have done quite a few murder mysteries games too. When we received Who Killed Mia? for inclusion in our Christmas Gift Guide I knew that we would love it as it combines two things we love and not only that Who Killed Mia? boasts that it is a modern murder mystery which will have us searching for evidence both paper based and digitally. 

Who Killed Mia? game box

Who Killed Mia?
Who Killed Mia? asks you to do exactly what it says on the box - find out who killed Mia? Mia Star is an influencer who has took the world by storm. On the night of a very prestigious award show Mia livestreams from her dressing room to millions of fans. What no one expected is that Mia would be brutally murdered live whilst her fan watch in horror. 

three envelopes from inside Who Killed Mia? game

contents from inside Who Killed Mia? game

Game Play
Before game play can begin you will need to scan the QR code so that you can watch Mia's murder. You will get to see Mia alive before her murder and then it's time to get your thinking caps on as you open the three lots of evidence envelope where you read witness statements, news clipping, view photographs and even read emails. Each envelope is marked with a day on it, Day One, Day Two and Day Three. You cannot open the next envelope until you have successfully completed the one before.

content from inside Who Killed Mia? game

Once you have gathered all your evidence and you are sure you know who the killer is you can then make your accusation and get justice for Mia. 

content from inside Who Killed Mia? game

Our Thoughts 
Who Killed Mia? was a game like no other we have played before. Having evidence both paper based and digital really did bring it right up to date and it's the most modern murder mystery game we have completed. As it does have some digital elements you do need a smartphone device which was fine for us. There were over 40 pieces of evidence to go through and like other games some are red herrings and not needed but that just adds to the fun. You don't want it to be too easy and over quickly. In terms of time needed to play I do think that all depends on who's playing. We did it together and it took us around 90 minutes but I've read people have played in a bigger group and it's took less time or you could play Who Killed Mia? on your own if you wanted too as it's suitable for any amount of players. 

We loved Who Killed Mia? and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for any similar games from the makers What Do You Meme?


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Best Family Halloween Board Games

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Disclosure - we received the games below for the purpose of this post. Any thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. This post contains affiliate links. 

October is finally here and I am now allowed to get in spooky mode as I start to decorate the house for Halloween. October is one of my favourite months as it starts the countdown to Halloween, Fireworks and then Christmas. We are always so busy filled with days out around this time of year so it's nice to have time at home chilling watching movies and playing board games together. We have a lovely collection of board games and these are our best family Halloween board games that are perfect for perfect for the spooky season including Disney's Villainous, Hocus Pocus and Ghosted. 

a selection of best family halloween board games

Disney Villainous

Disney's Villainous

Disney's Villainous is a great choice of board game to get you in a spooky mood. The game has six main characters to choose from Captain Hook, Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Queen of Hearts and Prince John. 

Each character comes with their own guide. You need to use your characters guide to to learn their objectives and goals.and the guide will help you come up with strategies and tips to come up with an evil plan to win. 

We found the instructions really easy to understand. So far I have played with 3 characters Ursula, Queen of Hearts and Jafar. As each character is completely different they each have their own strategies on how to win making it different for the player each time. 

In the box you’ll find 6 Boards, 6 Villain Movers, 180 Villain Cards, 90 Fate Cards, 84 Tokens, 1 Cauldron, 6 Reference Cards, 6 Villain Guides, and Instructions. 

Although this is a Disney branded game you don't have to be a Disney fan to enjoy the game. It is suitable for 2-6 players and recommend age is 10+.

disney hocus pocus board game

Disney's Hocus Pocus

You must play together during this game to protect Salem’s children and stop the Sanderson sisters from completing their wicked potion before the sun rises.  

Follow the step by step rule book to learn how to play potion ingredients, match all the colors or ingredients. Binx will offer a helping hand, while Winifred, Mary, and Sarah cast spells to thwart your plans. Use tricks like Burning Rain of Death and Billy Butcherson to help you along the way!

Halloween is definitely the perfect time to play Hocus Pocus especially with the release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+. We did have to play this game a few times before we fully understood the rules. 

Each game comes with one cauldron board, 50 Ingredient cards, a Witch board, 13 Spell cards, a Sun token, 4 trick tokens, a rulebook, and one black cat Binx.

Hocus Pocus Board Game is suitable for those aged 8+ and for 2-6 players. 

zombie kittens card game

Zombie Kittens

This pack is perfect for fans of exploding kittens card game. Zombie Kittens gives the game an undead twist on the original Exploding Kittens. Zombie Kittens will keep every player involved in the game, dead or alive, until the very end. The last player alive wins.

Once each player has their cards play continues clockwise giving each player the chance to play cards from their hand to determine their next move. Once completed they must then pick up a card from the deck and hopefully avoid the exploding kitten card. Don't worry if you do as you may not be dead for long, you can use a zombie kittens card or hope another player resurrects you from the grave. 

There are so many ways to play Zombie Kittens. Depending how confident you are with the game you can start off basic and build up so you're playing a more complex game. You can also combine this with Exploding Kittens card packs to increase the number of players and fun.

Each pack contains 61 cards and an instruction manual. Suitable for 2-5 players aged 7+.

ghosted board game


You’ve come to an untimely end, been offed, put to rest, kicked the bucket, fatally finished. You've been GHOSTED! Your restless spirit won’t be calm until you solve your own demise from the great beyond. Identify which suspect had it in for you, what wacky weapon they used, and why they wanted you out of the picture. Be the first to figure it out in this spirited game of Boo-Dunnit!

Roll the dice to find out what question you can ask any other player to help you use the power of elimination and find out who killed you and why. You can use your dry wipe marker and board to help you log the answers and when you're confident and you know who done it then you can go in for a guess. If you're right you won the game but if you're wrong you will be eliminated. 

Ghosted is similar to other 'Who Done It?' games however each player has their own killer, motive and weapon. 

6 x evidence boards, 36 x cards, 1 x die, 6 x markers, 6 x tokens and 1 x instructions guide. Instructions were really easy to follow and the game is suitable for those aged 10+ and ideally 3-6 players.

These are just a few of our best family halloween board games and we can't wait to add to our collection this year. Do you have any recommendations?

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Cheatwell Games Topix and Family Quiz Night Review and Giveaway

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Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

family quiz night and topix games

Last weekend our plans were cancelled and we ended up staying at home. It's very rare that we have a whole weekend at home but it was a a good opportunity to try out two new board games we had been sent from Cheatwell Games

family quiz night

Family Quiz Night 
Family Quiz Night from Cheatwell Games is a quiz game that is suitable for all the family. Family Quiz Night is easy to set up with just a board, counters, die and quiz questions which are already set up in the box. 

Each player rolls the die and moves around the board answering questions on the topic they land on. There’s a wide range of categories such as People, History, Geography, TV, Movies and Pot Luck. 

quiz questions

When you roll the dice you move the number of spaces that is shown on the die. The die allows you to move 1,2 or 3 spaces. Another player reads out your quiz question and you have no time limit to answer. There are two questions per card, the top question is aimed at younger players as it gives a multi choice option of 3 possible answers and the bottom question is aimed at adults.

We played as a family of 4, 3 adults and 1 child. Family Quiz Night is easy to understand and Little J enjoyed trying to figure out the answer to the children’s questions. The option of multi choice really helped him and he actually ended up winning the game.

family quiz night board game

As you move around the board you’re competing to get to the finish square. If you answer your question correctly you get to roll the die again. You continue on your turn until you get a quiz question wrong. Once you reach the finish that’s if the game is over and you’ve won.

Playing time was approx 30-40 minutes. We found some of the adult questions really hard however you can use the children's questions if you wish using the multi choice option.

topix board game

Topix is another game that is lots of fun and gets you to use your brain. It is easy to set up with just a board, counters, blue and red topic cards and answer sheets.

The idea of the game is that you have a topic, a letter of the alphabet and you have to write down as many answers as possible relating to your topic beginning with your letter. For example your letter may be S and your topic may be 'things you find in the Ocean' You then write as many things as you can beginning with S such as Seaweed, Ship Wreck, Starfish, Shark... You have to do this before the egg timer runs out. You move around the board you would on a normal board game however your move is determined by how many you answered correctly. Each time you land on a circle this will determine what colour topic card you need to choose and what letter you need to begin with.

category questions

category questions

We played a made up version of the game that suited our family. As we were playing with a younger player we decided that each correct answer was worth two points and therefore if someone scored five correct answers they could move ten spaces. 

topix game

The first player to reach the end is the winner and our playing time was again around 30-40 minutes. 

Little J found this game particularly hard and didn't enjoy it as much as Family Quiz Night. He really struggled to think of answers in the allotted time. We will definitely play it again with him and I’m hoping as we continue to play this over the next couple of months his brain will start working a bit quicker and he will start to enjoy it more.

Both games are really good fun and we do love board games so they will definitely be ones to play with our family and friends. 

I have teamed up with Cheatwell Games to give Family Quiz Night and Topix away to two winners. The first winner drawn will will Family Quiz Night and the second winner will win a copy fo Topix.

If you would like to enter all you need to do is enter the giveaway below and remember to pop back for bonus chances to win each day. 


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Dough Nab Game Review

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Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our unless stated. This post contains affiliate links. 

Dough nab Game
We love playing games as a family but sometimes John and I like to play games which are aimed at adults. We recently added a new game to our collection, Dough Nab. When I first saw the game I thought it was for younger children however its actually aimed at those aged 8+ and after playing I can understand why.

After reading the rules a few times we decided to just play and see how we got on. Dough Nab comes with three doughnuts, 60 cards, a turn tracker token and a head bakers hat. The aim of the game is to clear all the cards in your hand and also your dough nab pile.

Dough Nab Game
To start the game all you need to do is place the three doughnuts in the middle of the table. Deal out 10 cards face down to each player and place the remainder cards to the side. You then decide who goes first and hand them the turn tracker token.

Dough Nab Game
Each player takes it in turns to turn over their top card and place it face up in front of them. You continue to do this in a clockwise order until there are 3 matching doughnuts on show. If you are the first to spot three matching doughnut cards face up then you must grab the correct coloured doughnut.  You then give your dough nab pile of face up cards to a player of your choice so they have to add them to their own pile.

Dough Nab Game
To make the game more interesting there are special cards. Magic doughnut cards, the crumbs cards,  don’t nab and nab cards.

The magic doughnut cards can be matched with two doughnuts of the same colour, so you would then grab the doughnut that corresponds to the majority. For example if there are two pink doughnuts in the face up piles and you place the magic doughnut card down you would grab the pink doughnut.

If by chance three magic doughnut cards are visible at the same time you must race to grab any coloured doughnut.

The crumbs card is a half eaten doughnut and they are placed in the pack just to confuse you, they don’t do anything at all.

If you place the don't nab card down no one can grab a doughnut until the don't nab card is covered up.

If the nab card is placed down all players must race to grab a doughnut.  You then hand your dough nab pile to a player who was not grabbed a doughnut.

The winner is the player without any cards and they can wear the head bakers hat.

Dough Nab is a really fun fast paced game similar to snap only for adults. As you can see the rules are a little complicated with a lot to remember but once you know how to play you will be a whizz. I will be adapting the game so we can play it with little J who is 6 as he loves games and I'm sure he will love this too.


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Review - Rory's Story Cubes

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Disclosure - We were sent the products below for the purpose of this post. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our unless stated. This post may contains affiliate links. 

As you may already know we are a Board Game Club blogger and each month we receive a game to play. We received something a little different this month, Rory's Story Cubes. I have never heard of them before so we were all  eager to try them out. The idea behind the story cubes is you create a story using all nine icons shown on the cubes that you roll out in front of you.

Rorys Story Cubes
The nine cubes have various images on and once rolled out you let your imagination take over. They come in a handy pocket sized box that closes with a magnet so you could take them anywhere.

Rorys Story Cubes
At first I was unsure how or when we would use something like this as it's not actually a game. There is no board, rules or winner at the end. I did check the website for inspiration on how or when we could play this and it gave me lots of ideas.

Fun storytelling for family and friends, create magical moments with all generations, especially useful for the holidays.

Promoting literacy and language in the classroom – used and endorsed by educators across the globe.

Teaching Foreign Languages – endorsed by TEFL educators.

Creative Writing aid – Used for improving creative writing skills and as a tool when hitting the dreaded writer’s block.

Background story generator in role playing games – Create background stories and character scenarios for your next role playing game.

Ice breaker – At a party or in a work meeting, break the ice by rolling the dice and create shared experiences.

Idea generation and problem solving.

Agile coaching.

Bedtime stories – Create unique stories and adventures with your little ones every night. Never run out of ideas.

Improves social connections – Encourages, empathy and self esteem through storytelling.

Rorys Story Cubes
It's amazing how a package so small and simple can be used in so many ways. We have used ours at bedtime to create a story for little J. It's been so much fun because you can take the story anywhere and create as much fun and silliness as you want. Each night has been a different story and last night little J created his own.

What We Loved

Handy sized cubes that are portable.

Lots of different uses.

Allows us to create unique stories each night at bedtime. 

What Could Improve

Nothing, we love them

Rorys Story Cubes
You can read more about Rory's Story Cubes and check out the full range available. Rory's Story Cubes retail at £9.99 and can be purchased online and on Amazon


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Board Game Club Blogger - Pandemic

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I have said before just how much we enjoy playing board games. We love playing games suitable for kids, family and adults. We love finding new games to play so when we were asked to join the Blogger Board Game Club a few months ago we had to say yes. It’s the perfect opportunity to try our new games and add to our ever growing collection. When this month’s game arrived we were excited to see it was an ‘adult’ type game. Pandemic puts you on a disease fighting team with the hopes that you will not only keep four deadly diseases at bay but also discover their cure.
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