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Spread Kindness With Amazon Wish List

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Amazon has been a life saver for us over the past year. Having an Amazon prime account means we have been able to shop both non-essential and essential items without the need to go out to the shops. We can usually find everything we need and at a reasonable price too. 

Amazon wish list logo

I have found myself creating lots of ideas lists on Amazon and it helps me to remember things I need to buy in the future, upcoming birthday/Christmas list ideas and also things I see but might not want to buy straight away. 

There are other types of lists on Amazon and they are called Wish Lists. This is a list were you add items that you would love but can not buy for yourself. It's like a virtual list of presents similar to a wedding list. These lists can stay private or if you want to you can share with others.

We have shared our lists in the past to family and friends and it's really helped them to buy gifts as they had no idea what to buy. 

Amazon Wish List is also a great way to spread kindness to others. You can browse a persons wish list, choose an item to buy them as a treat and select to send it to their address. 

amazon home page

How Can I Create An Amazon Wish List?
When you are logged in to Amazon hover over where it says Hello Your Name Accounts and Lists. Once you are hovering a drop down menu will appear. On the left hand side of the dropdown it says create a list. Click on it.

Now it will ask you to name your list. This can be anything you choose. 

Once you have chosen a name you are ready to click create, and start adding items to your virtual wish list. 

Now all you need to do is browse Amazon and instead of adding to basket, click add to list.

Managing Your List.
Once you have added items to your virtual wish list you need to manage your list. On the right hand side above your list you will see three dots and the word More. You hover over this and it will create a drop down menu, click manage list. 

Managing your list allows you to add your name, email, DOB, address (very important if you want to receive treats to your door - your address is concealed from buyers so they cannot access your address but your name will pop up at checkout which they can then choose to have the gift sent directly to you.) and also the privacy setting for your list. I used shared which means I have to share the link to my list to someone so they can see it. 

Sharing Your List.
This is the fun part, now you can share your list with whoever you like and hopefully kindness will be spread and someone may treat you to a gift off your list. 

Treat Others 
I like to treat others so I usually scroll socials for #AmazonWishList and choose a couple of people to send gifts too using their wish list links. 

It's so important to spread kindness. You never know what kind of day, week, month, year a person is having and receiving an anonymous treat in the post might be the best thing that has happened to that person in a long time. 
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Collaboration | The Perfect Mums Night In

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Christmas can be a stressful time for everyone but I personally find it so tiring. I don't know whether it's a Mum thing but I like to take charge and make sure everything is perfect for the big day. If like me you need to have a relaxing evening before the festivities begin then check out my recommendations for the perfect Mums night in.
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Collaboration | What We Will Be Watching This December

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Santa Claus The Movie On TV
There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa on a cold Winter's evening catching up with your favourite TV programmes. I want to have everything sorted for Christmas soon so that we can just sit back and relax in December. I have a few Christmas movies on my watch list but I also want to start a new series too.

At the moment we have so many series on the go that have either finished for this year so we have to wait till next year or we are waiting for the current series to finish so we can binge watch.

We are looking forward to watching West World Season 2 although I think we may have to have a quick watch of season 1 again because I've forgot what happened at the end.

We never did watch the last season of Once Upon A Time so that is something we could consider.

We will have to wait till 2019 to see the final season of Game of Thrones but that will definitely be worth the wait.

At the moment we are waiting for the current season of This is us to finish so we can watch that. It's probably one of my favourite programmes ever, I love it.

We haven't started a new series for ages so we've been looking at the possible choices. I quite fancy The Walking Dead as I know it's up to season 9 so we can binge watch it over the Christmas period.

There have been so many brilliant reviews of the show that I think it would definitely be worth a watch. There are so many TV apps nowadays that you can have access to all the episodes of your favourites shows just waiting for you when you're ready to watch.

We recently came across TVPlayer and for a limited time only, customers will be able to get a year’s subscription to TVPlayer from as little as £41.90 saving nearly £42. Buying just one TV DVD boxset would be more than a full years subscription, I love a bargain!

Catching up on the latest shows on MTV to Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! – subscribers can stream 19 channels not available on Freeview, plus 61 other channels, through Fire TV.  I think our Christmas TV is sorted.


This is a collaborative post. 
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Enjoying The Warm Weather Plus The Chance To Win An Amazon Voucher

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Summer will soon be here and if you have been lucky enough to experience the warm weather recently then you will know a little bit of sun puts everyone in a good mood. We definitely feel much better when we can be out and about having lots of fun in the garden. We've had lots of play days in the garden, paddling in the pool and playing with little J's new garden toys he got for his birthday. This has been the first time ever I have enjoyed playing in the garden and it's all because we had astro turf fitted last year. Its amazing and I would definitely recommend it.
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