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Why I Still Love 90's Music

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We will soon be going on a little road trip and I've asked the boys to send me over a Spotify playlist of 50 songs each so including my own we will have 200 songs to shuffle through whilst we are on the road. I sat making mine last night and every single song I've added is from the 90's. I absolutely love 90's pop music especially the Spice Girls, Steps and 911. The 90's was a great time for me, I was in my teens, got my first job and loved going out dancing on a Saturday night. 

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Luckily the bands I loved back then all started to make come backs over the past 4-5 years as part of reunion tours. I have been lucky though to relive my youth by seeing a few of my favourite artists in concert again over recent years and here are a few of my highlights.

Steps were huge in the 90's and although nowadays they are classed as a cheesy pop band, their reunion tour last year was huge. It was amazing to see them up on stage doing what they do best and seeing thousands of people in the crowd joining in with their dance routines, myself included.

Favourite Steps Band Member
Claire - Her voice is amazing.

Favourite Steps Song
The Way You Make Me Feel

Favourite Steps Dance Routine

911 on stage
I was never really a big 911 fan but when they changed their image and sound and released More Than A Woman I fell in love. I actually wanted to marry Lee and was devastated when I found out he was dating Lindsay from B*Witched, haha. 911 and other bands took part in The Big Reunion series on TV a few years back which then led to a tour. I managed to get tickets and it was a brilliant night watching all the boy bands from the 90's performing together. I actually have no idea how Jimmy and Spike can still pull off those dance moves 20 years later.

Favourite 911 Band Member 
Lee. He was gorgeous and I wanted to marry him when I was 16

Favourite 911 Song 
A Little Bit More

Favourite 911 Dance Routine
More Than A Woman

Spice Girls
Last but not least The Spice Girls. Their music was the soundtrack to my late teen years. You may have read on my blog recently that although I had tickets to see them last week I missed the Spice Girls concert and was absolutely gutted but I'm hoping they will be back on tour again. I actually wanted to enter the recent Walkers Campaign to find The Spice Girls Biggest Fan as I think I would definitely be in with a shot of winning.  Although I didn't see them this time around I did see them back in 2007 when they headed to Manchester for their first reunion tour. There is always a part of a concert that sticks out and for me it was when the five girls were on stage singing Viva Forever and Geri slowly lowered down on a platform so she wasn't on stage anymore. The idea behind it was that she had left The Spice Girls at the point of Viva Forever being released which I took really badly so when they did this on stage, I cried.

Favourite Spice Girl
Geri ' Ginger' Halliwell. I loved her and wanted to be her when I was younger.

Favourite Spice Girls Song
Spice Up Your Life. This was the first song of their much anticipated second album. It was more edgy than what they had done before and I love it.

Favourite Spice Girls Dance Routine 

There are loads more bands I haven't mentioned however I still love them all and I'm definitely a 90's girl at heart.

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