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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Friday, 19 June 2015

A Double Decker Bacon Sandwich For Father's Day

I'm not the biggest fan of meat but I do like Bacon so when Roberts Bakery asked me to serve up a delicious bacon butty for Daddy on Father's Day I was happy to join in. 

Daddy doesn't like anything fancy he is likes plain and simple when it comes to food. So I knew there would be no fancy relishes or garnish just a simple bacon butty.

Roberts Bakery sent us a lovely pack which included everything we needed to make the perfect bacon butty. I decided to add a little bit extra to Daddy's butty and included cumberland sausages too.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day will soon be here and if I am honest I haven't got a clue what we are buying Daddy yet. I usually sway to something related to technology because that is what Daddy loves. I know he would love an Apple iWatch but he might have to ask Father Christmas for that.
I do love buying little 'Daddy' gifts too such as teddies and mugs but we have so many and like I said recently about buying anniversary gifts there must come a point where you have to stop. 
Here are just a few choices that I may consider for Daddy.

Personalised Square Cufflinks 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Great Gizmos Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

If you are stuck for some ideas for Fathers Day gifts this year I have a few ideas which will definitely get the thumbs up from Dad.
We love Great Gizmos, they have such a wide choice of  gifts, arts, crafts and toys. At Easter we were sent alternative Easter gifts by Great Gizmos. We had so much fun and you can read about it here.

Great Gizmos have lots of activities and toys that can either bring a father and child together or be a perfect gift for Fathers Day.
4M Make Your Own Snow Dome Photo Frames
This is a great way for a dad to spend an afternoon with the kids.
Making fun snow dome photo frames together and decorating them with the 4 cool colourful templates provided. Choose a favourite photo add it into the dome and you have your own Snow Dome Photo Frame.  
Each kit has 2 plastic Snow Domes, 2 rubber stoppers, glitter, 4 photo frame templates, double adhesive tape and instructions.
These make lovely ornaments and if you wanted to get the children to make one on their own it would be a lovely gift for Dad to unwrap on Fathers Day.
Suitable for boys and girls aged 5+, RRP £9.95 and can be purchased from Great Gizmos

4M Make Your Own Greeting Card

Giving a personalised card is something we love to do here and I always think it means more than just going to the shop and buying one.
Great Gizmos have a Make your Own Greeting Cards set that would be perfect to make that special Fathers Day card for Dad. 
Each kit contains 12 ready to make cards, 12 unfolded envelopes, 6 sheets of pattern templates, 1 alphabet sticker, ribbon, flower petals, pearl beads, double sided adhesive foam, double sided adhesive tape, EVA glue, glitter and instructions.Everything you need to make it extra special.
The 4M Make Your Own Greeting Cards is suitable for girls and boys aged 5+, RRP is £11.95 and can be purchased from Great Gizmos
 4M Mould and Paint Racers
For me I think these are definitely a little activity perfect for some Father / Son bonding time.
 Mould and Paint Racers give you the chance to create your own racing car using the plaster, moulds and paints included. You can make badges and magnets to decorate your room or your little one could make one and give it as a gift to Dad.
Each kit contains a mould with 6 designs, plaster power, magnet pins, 6 colour paint strip, paint brush and instructions. Contents are suitable for making 6 racers.
Mould and Paint Racers are perfect for little ones aged 5+, RRP is £8.95 and can be purchased from Great Gizmos
4M Plate Painting Kit
This is my favourite and something your child can create for Dad and be treasured forever.
The 4M Plate Painting Kit available from Great Gizmos contains two porcelain plates that your child can decorate as they wish to create that perfect gift for Dad.
Each kit contains 2 porcelain plates 15cm in diameter, 2 plastic display stands, 1 paint strip, 1 paintbrush and instructions.
Suitable for boys and girls aged 8+, RRP is £11.95 and can be purchased from Great Gizmos
I can't wait to get stuck in and make some gifts for Daddy for Father's Day so watch this space for an update on our creations.
*we were sent a selection of kits in return for a honest blog post*
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