Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Weigh In Wednesday #1 - 03/01/2018

Like most people a new year means we take a look at ourselves and our lives and try to make them better for the year ahead. Some people make resolutions and this year I am making a pact with myself that I will lose weight and get fit. I have started Slimming World and also will be doing regular swimming sessions to try and shed some pounds. I have really struggled with my weight and I know that this will be quite a challenge for me but it has to be done. 


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New Year, New Me

You may have read our New Year Bucket List last week and one of the goals this year is for me to lose weight. I say this every year that I will try and I do but then I give up when I get so close to actually losing an amount that makes a difference. So I've joined Slimming World and I plan to stick to it until I reach a weight I feel comfortable with then I will continue trying to maintain that weight. 


Monday, 21 July 2014

Guilt Free Snacking with Slim Fruits

Three weeks ago I decided it was time for me to try and slim down. Over the years I have genuinely struggled with my weight and at my heaviest I was almost 4 stone over weight. I could write that I have struggled due to pregnancies and not being able to lose baby weight but I honestly think it's down to portion sizes, snacking and lack of exercise. If someone mentions diet or cut down food I instantly want to eat and it's all I can think about and I reach for the snack cupboard.
I was recently sent Slim Fruits to try and because I am trying to cut down on my snacks I agreed to give them a go.

Slim fruits are Sugar Free, Fat Free, High Fibre pastilles. 
I wasn't to sure whether I would like them at first but I am always keen to give something a try and I never say never.
I was sent 2 flavours luscious rhubarb and strawberry and luscious Peach Melba.
Each box has 5 servings and each serving is 5 pastilles.
I looked at the nutrition information and it looked okay but when I compared it to my usual sweet snack I got a shock.
Each box is 24g but I could only really compare both sweets by the Per 100g
Slim fruits has 205kcal my usual sweets 400kcal
Slim fruits has 0.2g of Sat Fat and my usual sweets 6.8g
Slim fruits has 0.2g of sugars my usual sweets 58g

As you can see above the sugar content in my usual sweets is ridiculously high and I honestly didn't even know.

5 pastilles is 10kcals so the total kcal in each box is 50kcals.
So after comparing the kcals and fat content it was time to try them. I was hoping they would be at least edible and they were, they are actually very tasty.
The pastilles are flat and look like a jelly but have the texture of a wine gum. They are really juicy and I honestly love them.
I love the rhubarb flavour it tastes like those hard boiled sweets Rhubarb and Custard.

They come in a little black box and perfect for your pocket or bag. Flip lid so you can just take what you want and it fastens shut.

In the past 3 weeks I have lost 7lbs so I am thrilled.
I am going to continue to use Slim Fruits alongside cutting down and exercising and I am hoping to keep a weight loss blog so will keep you all updated.
Slim Fruits are available in Boots and Holland and Barrett stores nationwide. They are priced at £1.89 per pack.
* I was sent slim fruits to try in return for a honest review. all thought above are my own*
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