Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Board Game Club Blogger - Pandemic

I have said before just how much we enjoy playing board games. We love playing games suitable for kids, family and adults. We love finding new games to play so when we were asked to join the Blogger Board Game Club a few months ago we had to say yes. It’s the perfect opportunity to try our new games and add to our ever growing collection. When this month’s game arrived we were excited to see it was an ‘adult’ type game. Pandemic puts you on a disease fighting team with the hopes that you will not only keep four deadly diseases at bay but also discover their cure.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Sshh! Don't Wake Dad Electronic Board Game Review

When big J was younger this was one of our favourite games to play. We would spend hours playing and I genuinely mean hours. He would make us sit and play it again and again and again. It is probably still in the loft somewhere as little J isn't in to games just yet as I thought he was a little too young for them but I was wrong.

Sshh Don't Wake Dad Drumond Park

Sshh Don't Wake Dad Giveaway

If you have read my review of Sshh Don't Wake Dad recently you know how much we loved it. It is a really fun family game and I am so happy to team up with Drumond Park to offer Mummy 2 Monkeys readers and followers the chance to win.

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