Party Time | Living Arrows 6/52 (2020)

little boy and spiderman kneeling on the floor
I sometimes look at little J and forget that he is only 6. When I think about his older brother being 6 years old which is over eleven years ago now little J seems so much more mature and experienced. He doesn't seem 'little' anymore. He's is always on the go whether it's playing football, visiting a friends house or other social activities that he has been invited too. He has a better social life than John and I.

Having said all that there are little glimpses that we get when I actually realise he is only 6. For example this weekend he was invited to a party and Spiderman was there. This wouldn't be the type of party little J would want for his birthday or even his friends but he absolutely loved it. From the minute Spiderman arrived little J laughed, danced, sung along to the songs, played games and got very excited when he was chosen to win a prize.

I sometimes think little J is growing up too fast and if we let him, he would be more than happy to watch you tube or play Xbox all day. As a parent it's my job to remind him that he is only 6 and he can play with toys and have fun without it involving a screen.

I chose this picture for my Living Arrows post this week because I know how much fun he had for the 2 hours prior to this photo being taken and I think it shows on his face!


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  1. The photo reminded me of my son's birthday 25 years ago or thereabouts. My son was obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and so we had to hire one of them (Donatello I think) for his party. The guy was really good, he was in great shape physically, he could do back flips, knew all the lingo and was a very impressive act. All the kids enjoyed his performance. A few weeks later we went to another kid's party, where yet again there was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. However, this guy was really weedy, couldn't do any gymnastic tricks and was a pretty pathetic act. I felt bad for the birthday boy and his parents who must have assumed they would get a quality act. I'm glad the Spiderman your son saw was good, it makes the experience enjoyable for all concerned.


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