Our Family Fortnight 1/26 (2020)

Welcome to our first 'Our Family Fortnight' of 2020. Here is a look of our last two weeks in photographs.

This fortnight we have all tried our best to get back to normal routine after Christmas but it's been tough. Not a lot going on this past two weeks really.

We started this fortnight by dismantling our trampoline. The boys don't play on it at the moment and would much rather have the space to play football.

Little J woke up and was in such a bad mood which is so unlike him. After a few hours downstairs he took himself up to his bedroom in a huff. When we went to check on him he had fallen back asleep.

 John made a delicious homemade curry.

 Lots of football over the past two weeks. Back to training, matches and even a football party.

I treated myself in the sales to a few Disney items. I have wanted a Disney Loungefly bag forever so I couldn't miss the opportunity to buy one at almost half price plus I love Stitch.


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  1. Great Disney finds, I love the character Stitch too! I understand that going back to your normal routine can be hard especially for the kids, but it is a must!


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