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Minnies main attraction set
On the 18th January 2020 the new monthly series called Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction was released. The collection features a Minnie plush, backpack, ears, pins and a mug. It is released online each month at 8am and only certain items available in certain stores. I went online at 7:55am and kept refreshing until the website updated with the items and then by 8:02am they were sold out. 

I am heartbroken because I really wanted to collect this each month. What makes me even more heartbroken is that within minutes the items were listed on eBay at two or three times the price.

It's so sad that true fans and collectors of Disney memorabilia have missed out on the items due to people buying them to sell on eBay to make a profit. 

I am refusing to buy them on the secondary market lining other peoples pockets so I won't now be collecting this each month. 

Last year I managed to collect items from the Wisdom collection each month and never had a problem buying them instore. There was always plenty available for everyone so I'm not sure why this year it is different. 

Owning limited edition items is amazing and I am lucky to have so many over the years but limiting the amount released does mean that lots of people miss out. I would honestly prefer for Disney to release enough so that everyone can enjoy them and not just the lucky few or those paying above and beyond the retail price. 

I will keep an eye out for any leaked images of the items for future months and I know it will be a great set to own just unfortunately for me I won't be one of those owners. 

Did anyone else want to collect this series but missed out?


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  1. What a shame that you weren't able to buy these items for your collection.


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