Meal Planner | Week One

This year will be a tough year for us all as we are going to try and spend less so that we can save for another trip to Walk Disney World. As part of our cutting back we have decided to meal plan. I have been meal planning for a little while now and it has definitely helped saved money and also we have had less waste. I know people like to meal plan Monday onwards however I do my weekly shop on a Friday so our meal plans will always be Friday - Thursday.
I am also trying to lose some weight this year so I might not be eating what the plan says it may be just for the boys but I will always include what I eat on my 40lbs before Forty posts for those following Slimming World.

So this week our meal plan is...

Friday - A meal for just John and I as the boys are off doing other things. John is making a delicious Chicken Korma. I will substitute a naan bread for broghies which are like huge prawn crackers but without the flavour.

Saturday - Again just a meal for two but this will be a late lunch / early dinner as we have to be at a party for 5pm.

Sunday - A meal out celebrating a family birthday.

Monday - The boys all have football so I will pop a sausage casserole in the slow cooker to warm them up when they get in.

Tuesday - Another football night tonight so I will be making Chicken and Tomato pasta. Quick and simple.

Wednesday - Lots of different meals to cook tonight. John and big J will be having pie dinner, little J has a friend over so will be having pizza and chicken strips and I will be having a tuna jacket potato with rainbow salad.

Thursday - Football again tonight so we will be having homemade lasagne. We actually prefer Quorn rather than mince. It tastes amazing and is a healthier option in our book.

I will post photos of our meals in next weeks Meal Planning post.

Do you meal plan? Has it helped you save some pennies and have less waste?




  1. I want to try Quorn as we tried an Asda brand and not keen! Lots of yummy meals for a busy week :-) Nice and healthy too x

  2. Delightgul - cant beat pasta for quick tasty meals

  3. Thank you for the inspiration. I tend to shop and buy things that I fancy at the time without properly planning what we will have each day. I really want to start a weekly menu but lack inspiration.

  4. I think planning family meals ahead is a great idea and worth the effort to save money for special treats!

  5. Sounds like a yummy week ahead. I want to get better at meal planning too this year.

  6. I have often tried to do a weekly planner, not just for lunch but for other activities too. The trouble tends to get in the way! I will have great intentions of walking in the park or going to the gym, but then one of the little one's is ill or suddenly announces they need a costume for the play - tomorrow! This year, my Mum has been in and out of hospital for the past 6 months so every time I have planned a week and thought that I had everything covered, I will end up hospital visiting every day.


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