Disney Minnie Mouse - The Main Attraction

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Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction
This time last year I was getting ready to collect the monthly collection of Wisdom items from The Disney Store. I managed to collect all twelve plushes, mugs and notebooks and I am so excited for this years series. Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction will be the 2020 monthly collection and will feature a Minnie plush, pins, ears, mug and a loungefly bag.

Just as last year each series will release on the 18th of each month and this year will be themed to a Disney Park attraction. Shop Disney has confirmed that all items will be available online and in select Disney Stores.

A price list has been released and based on the following each month could set you back £150.00 should you choose to collect all items.

Plush: £27.50
Pin: £14
Mug: £13.50
Ears: £30
Backpack: £65

A pin holder will also be released on 18th January as a one time release, costing £20.

 As with all special or limited edition online products they will be released at approximately 8am on the 18th of the month.  Items will be limited to one per guest but two per household.

In store, products will be limited to one per guest and a ticketing system will apply. I have purchased many many limited edition items before but have never used a ticketing system so will be eager to see how that works.

The Minnie plush, mug and pins will be available in all stores however the backpack will be available in the Oxford Street store and the ears in limited quantities at ...

Belfast, Birmingham Bullring, Cardiff, Dublin Grafton Street, Glasgow, Lakeside, Leeds White Rose,  Liverpool, Manchester Arndale, Meadowhall, Metro Centre, Milton Keynes, Oxford Street, Stratford, Trafford Centre, Westfield Shepherd’s Bush.

It has also been confirmed that Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction will be excluded from all promotions, both in stores and online. This is as shame as I am a Disney Life Member and up until about June last year I was receiving discount on my Wisdom Collection each month but then it stopped. A nice discount may have tempted me to collect all the items each month but looking at the price tag I may have to be realistic and choose just one or two products each month.

Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction
There has been a sneak preview of what attractions will be included.

January : Space Mountain
February : Pirates of the Caribbean
March : Mad Tea Party
April : It’s a Small World
May : Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
June : Peter Pan’s Flight
July : King Arthur Carrousel
August : Dumbo the Flying Elephant
September : Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
October : The Haunted Mansion
November : Jungle Cruise
December : Sleeping Beauty Castle

At the moment I am thinking of just collecting the ears and maybe the odd one or two back packs.

Are you a Disney collector? Will you be collecting the Minnie Mouse The Attraction series?



  1. I love this post! I had absolutely no idea there was a monthly limited collection released, I will take a look! Excited for you tomorrow - hope it all goes well with the ticketing system and cannot wait to see what you get! :) Sim xx
    PS. I messaged you on FB the other day - may have gone into spam/other x

  2. I am not a Disney collector, but I am really impressed that you managed to collect so many items in 2019. I hope you will get what you really want in 2020. Good luck!

  3. I do love me some Disney, but those prices are something to think about. I'm not as loyal or devoted to the brand but I wouldn't mind owning a souvenir or two.

  4. I can see how these would be amazing collectors items for Disney fans, they are very sweet!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful selection of items to collect! I collect some Disney things but I wouldn't really call myself a Disney collector.

  6. This sounds like a great collection and what a fab way to find new products to purchase. I think I would go for the ears or the pins as these don't take up too much room, I'm not sure I would have room for all the plushes lol! I can't wait to see what your collection at the end, please do share some pictures with us please!

  7. I'm not a Disney collector myself, but my children have various items. They wanted to know the other day why we haven't been to Disney World...

  8. They are cute pins for pin collectors. I do wish that some products were a little cheaper though, especially as they are aimed at kids but Disney do have a captive market

  9. I'm must admit that I'm loving the Disney ears that have been announced. Not sure that I will be able to buy a set each month, maybe just the months that really attract me.

  10. Oh wow sounds like you have been busy. So many fab Disney items for sure x

  11. I am a big Disney fan ever since I was a baby. I would love to start a Disney collection this year.

  12. Oh many such great choices, I'm not sure I could pick just one or two.. I'd want them all.


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