Back To Reality | Living Arrows 2/52 (2020)

13 January 2020

boy posing with everton players
We have come back down to reality with a bump this week. We are all still in 'Christmas' mode and although we are trying to get back in to our routines, we are definitely struggling. Last week just flew by with a mixture of work, school, football, after school clubs, driving lessons and everything else that was thrown at us. I really am hoping we can start to get back in to our normal routine with early nights and not hitting the snooze button in the morning 25 times!!!

Amongst the madness we did have a little bit of family time and the boys had a lovely time going to see Everton play at home. Little J was so excited to be going to a football match to see his favourite team play. I had everything crossed that he would see a few goals and I am am happy to say he did see a goal and his team won!

Have you managed to recover from Christmas yet and get back to normal?


You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Living Arrows


  1. That seems to be a running theme this week - getting back into routine has definitely been a struggle! x

  2. Oh I bet he had a great time at the football, especially if they won! #LivingArrows


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