Disney Limited Edition Designer Fairytale Rapunzel and Flynn

Last week I posted all about when I heard that Disney were releasing a Designer Fairytale Limited Edition of the Princesses I knew instantly I wanted to get them. I had seen a few images that fans had uploaded from the D23 convention and they looked amazing. The second set to be released was Rapunzel and Flynn.

A romantic at heart, Rapunzel is artistic, creative and full of curiosity. Spending her days painting and singing, her energy is as limitless as he hair is long. However when the handsome thief Flynn Rider picks her mysterious and secluded tower as his hideout, the two begin a journey together that will untangle many secrets along the way. 

Rapunzel's signature long golden hair is romantically styled with braiding and flowers, as shown in the movie Tangled. 

Printed satin corset bodice with puffed velvet sleeves and lace details. Warm illuminating lantern.

Layered gown with ornate golden detailing. Rich velvet overlay with gemstones and gold printed inset. 

 Suede like vest that's belted with a satchel to hold the Princess' crown. Boots to finish his rugged look.

Out of all the 5 sets this was the one I was looking forward to the most as Tangled is my favourite movie and Rapunzel is my favourite Princess. However it was quite a disappointment when I received it as the angle of Rapunzel and the lantern made Flynn impossible to see. 

This led to lots of complaints from fans who felt they had to open up the set to re position Flynn. Also some fans felt that due to the weight of Rapunzel's hair her head was tilted to far back and it looked un-natural again forcing them to have to open up the set to try and tilt her head forward.

I had a few months to save up for this collection as the dolls were to be released one every two weeks with a total of 5 to collect. I cannot tell you just how stressful it was getting this set of dolls. They became available to buy in selected Disney Stores and online in the Summer of 2013, I chose to try and buy online as we didn't have a selected store nearby. The website would freeze and they would sell out almost instantly, it was crazy. However as you will see I did eventually get them all and they are my favourite collection by far. 

This is the first in the designer series to have a male doll featured in a collection and to have two dolls contained in each set. 

There was a total of 5 sets released which meant that there is a total of 10 dolls within the collection.

Each set of two dolls retailed at £100 making them the most expensive collection in terms of a set but cheaper per doll when compared to the villains.



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